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Cathy Hilton wrote:


I still have the design template for Astro Boy T shirts and can hand paint them for $40.00 each (same price I was charging in 1988) and can make them any size that is needed.  If thats any help please give me a call on 97711535 or leave me an Email at

Love Cathy Hilton(Clissold)

40 is the 'Age to Rage'!


A good mate of mine in Sydney turns 40 next month and is celebrating with a 60s & 70s TV nostalgia theme party. As we both used to spend a fair proportion of our Friday nights at the Rest Hotel during the mid 70s it seems an appropriate occasion to attend and to don an Astro Boy T-shirt. Problem is the last time I saw my Astro Boy T-shirt was when I stripped off and gave it to an Irish girl on a Greek Island in 1984!! She fancied the T-shirt and I fancied her - never saw either of them again.

Does anyone have any old these collector items for sale? I'm looking for 2 large if possible.




Andrew White

P.O. Box 717

Carrick TAS 7291

Yep I can help

On Monday, December 1, 2003, at 08:41 PM, Warren & Carol Shearman wrote:



Good evening Pat.
I see that Andrew White is after an astro boy tshirt ( I am afraid I cant help with the irish girl :/)  We  have one of these in mint condition - warren would kill me if I got rid of it!
HOWEVER!!  If Andrew is still after one, I am more than willing to scan it and print it onto tshirt transfers for him, with your permission of course.
PLMK either way
Be well and travel with a light heart

Carol Shearman


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