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2007 Galston Country Music Festival



The Galston Country Music Festival is held annually on the second Sunday of September to raise funds for charity and community groups, and to promote Australian Country Music. It is of professional quality while retaining the community focus of Rotary International.

Aims & Objectives
·         To provide local charity and community groups with a venue in which to showcase their services and an opportunity to generate funds to assist in their work in the community.
·         Provide wide public exposure for other local service groups.
·         Provide a safe and enjoyable family oriented event.
·         To generate an overall surplus for distribution to selected charities.
·         Promote Fagan Park and its attractions to all the people of Sydney.
·         To promote Australian Country Music to a large Sydney audience.
·         To support and encourage independent emerging Country Music artists.
·         To establish the Festival as the premier Sydney based Country Music Festival.

Mission Statement

The Galston Country Music Festival is a community based annual event organised by the Rotary Club of Galston. The Rotary Club aims to generate a substantial surplus of funds that will be donated to selected charities and also to promote Australian Country Music particularly in the following categories:

· Gospel                        · Country Swing                         · Country Folk           · Bush Music

· Country Rock             · Traditional/Heritage                  · Bluegrass               · Bush Poetry


Originally organised by the Rotary Club of Galston in 1982 as a community based fair to provide an opportunity for local groups to showcase their services to the public at large.

It was realised in 1996 that quality entertainment had to be provided to attract larger crowds and to compete with the many other events held in Sydney at that time of year. Australian Bush Poetry was trialled successfully in 1996. The internationally renowned Australian entertainer Frank Ifield was the catalyst that led to Country Music being the preferred option for the main entertainment from 1997.

The Founding Directors were Tony and Vikki Page, Len Knight and Pat Drummond.

The current serving executive directors are Richard Young, Pat Drummond, Helen Kay, Greame Johnson, Doug Boyd and Tony Page (Consultant). The Festival is held on the second weekend of every September. The final and major concert of the Festival is held at Fagan Park in Galston on the northern rural fringe of Sydney, the state Capitol of New South Wales, Australia. All funds raised go to promote the activities of Galston Rotary Club.

Other Serving Directors have included Steve Passfield.

This is the Festival's eleventh year.

· 1982 -1985                             Galston Community Fair                     Galston Park, Galston

· 1986 - 1990                            Galston Spring Fair                             Galston Park, Galston

· 1991 - 1996                            Galston Spring Festival                       Fagan Park, Galston

· 1997 - 2006                            Galston Country Music Festival          Fagan Park, Galston


An activity of the Rotary Club of Galston, - P.O. Box 103, Galston,, NSW 2159

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