Galston Country Music Festival

Sunday 12th September at Fagan Park

The Galston Country Music Festival Band is:

Peter Drummond (Drums), Damian Spencer (Electric Guitar)
Garry Steele (Keyboard and Accordian), Giles Smith (Bass) and Andrew Clermont (fiddle)
and Pat Drummond (Acoustic guitar)
8.45 AM Band Members Soundcheck

The Gaston Country Music Festival is an initiative of The Galston Rotary Club which began in 1997. The The Festival Patron is Frank Ifield, and the current serving executive directors are Tony and Vikki Page, Len Knight and Pat Drummond. The Festival is held on the second weekend of every September. The final and major concert of the Festival is held at Fagan Park in Galston on the northern rural fringe of Sydney, the state Capitol of New South Wales, Australia. All funds raised go to promote the activities of Galston Rotary Club.

Applications by performers may be lodged by email to

Galston Country Music Festival 1999

The 1999 event raised substantial monies for the Cancer Patients Assistants Fund and was a wonderful event with an attendance of about 7000 people at The Sunday Main Concerts

Photos of The 1999 Event can be accessed here

1999 Sunday Main Concert Set List

 9.30 Stephen R Cheney 30 min
 10.00-20 Helen Kay 20 min
 10.20-45 Dwayne Elix 25 min
 10.45-11.00 Tracy Faith 15 Min
11.00-11.15 Arcadia Public School 10 mins
 11.15  Andrew Clermont 20 mins
 11.35 Pamela Drysdale and Gary Steele 30min
 12.10 Handpicked 30 mins
 12.40 Official Opening 10 mins
 12.50 Golden Saddle Awards  20 mins
 1.15 Karen Lynne and Pat Drummond 40 mins
 1.55 Announcements 5 mins
 2.00 Allan Caswell 35 mins
 2.40 Changeover for Crosby Sisters 5 mins
 2.45 Crosby Sisters 45 mins
 3.30 Soundcheck and Changeover for BW's 10 mins
 3.40 THE BUSHWACKERS 50 mins
 4.30 Grand Finale with
Bushwackers, Crosby Sisters
Pat Drummond, Karen Lynne
Pamela Drysdale, Andrew Clermont
 4.45 Close Pat Drummond, Len Knight and
Tony Page

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