The Horizon Festival

Recipient Supported Charities and Festival Outcomes

The Horizon Festival. Profits raised this year will be used for charitable distribution by The Strathfield Rotary Club. In Profits will be raised this year by local community and school groups and other service organisations from festival stalls and events.

An increasing number of special concerts are also now organised by the Festival committee during the year at The Strathfield Golf Club.

Profits raised this year will be used to promote several worthwhile projects including the provision of resources in
our public library and schools on Mental Health and Wellbeing and Catherine Villa .

            The ideas currently discussed include ­
·         The provision of a course in Youth Mental Health First Aid ­ to a parent and teacher representatives from local high schools.
·         The provision of a community Mental Health Forum on Youth Mental Health.
·         The donation  of age specific books for school libraries - on both Mental Health and Resilience.
·          Encouragement of a wider range of books on the topic of Mental Health and Well Being for the whole of community.
              We are also supporting other local and district projects including ­
              Catherine Villa -  an initiative of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and provides 24 hour supportedaccommodation for homelessyoung women from all areas of Sydney and includes education through parenting skills programs.
              Local schools and organisation projects ­ these organisations are  providing stalls selling merchandise and food, with funds raised being distributed to their own projects..


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