Apr/May/Jun 1997

G'day Folks!

Living In The Whirlwind

I thought 1996 was more of a year than I ever wanted to cram into 12 mths again, but 1997 seems to have kicked off in an equally frenetic style.

Our anticipated post Christmas wind-down disappeared in a squeal of skateboard wheels!..and the holidays unexpectedly became a round of ambulances, operating theatres and hospital wards.

Yes Folks, barely a fortnight before the Tamworth Festival, Peter decided to buy himself a ritzy new skateboard. His friends had been giving him a hard time about sitting in his room and practicing over the holidays. He decided he should 'get a life' and sidewalk skating seemed the thing. It was one of those "What was I thinking!" ideas that seem like a good plan at the time!

The ensuing accident was as spectacular as the aerial manoeuvre was supposed to be. His arm was mess. He not only dislocated the elbow joint he also broke the head clean off the radius and crushed the section of the ulna that forms the socket of the elbow joint. It didn't take long for him to realise, as I rushed him to casualty, that he had also seriously dislocated the full schedule The Bushwackers had planned for January, February and March.

The medical staff in the public system were wonderful but the resident surgeon at Penrith advised us that the extent of the damage and the gruelling demands Pete's drumming places on him meant that a specialist was needed.

Two titanium pins, several bone grafts and a reconstructed elbow later Pete struggled out of general anaesthetic and onto a plane for Tamworth! The official ''wackers float sponsor Tamworth Base hospital met him at the airport with an Ambulance and 'minder' for the duration of the Festival. Pete spent the festival 'sidelined' to harmonies and one handed percussion while Hannaman picked up the sticks and did a great job of learning Pete's hastily written Charts. Also huge thanks to Peter Walker (Pete's Minder) Tamworth Base Hospital and especially to

Dr Jeffrey Hughes at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney who has done a fantastic job. Peter is in rigourous physiotherapy and will be back on deck for the North American Tour in April.






The 2nd Annual Blue Mountains Folk Festival was a huge success; Andy Irvine, Eric Bogle and Judy Small headed an impressive international and local list of acts. This is becoming a Premier event and a great chance for you all to visit my home town for a change. Make a note for next year - 20th, 21st & 22nd Feb '98



In the wake of the Festival success the Clarendon at Katoomba is staging a series of acoustic events in coming months and will hosting a Pat Drummond concert on the Sunday The 23rd March at 7.00PM at which we will be recording the new Live album

A lot of people have asked me over the years since the 'True Stories' concept began for a more personal 'unplugged' delivery and this album will be about delivering just that. Unlike most live offerings however this won't simply consist of live renditions of the old material.

We will be aiming to produce an all new album of previously unrecorded stories so it should be something quite special. We will be recording the second bracket in total so lots of enthusiastic supporters would be helpful. I promise to do all the 'old favourites' in the first set and the early start means it should be all over by 10PM so that even Sydney people should be home in bed by 11.30PM. This is an absolutely not to be missed event. The Clarendon has only 100 seats so bookings are absolutely essential. Dinner available from 6PM Concert price is $12.00 and $9.00 concessions. For those who'd love to be on our next album Ring Bob Charter on 047 82 1322 or see ticket order form.

Unfortunately 'The Local Rag' album was held up due to Pete's health crisis but is now available See Order Forms.


All The Best Pat


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