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On (Date), Country/Folk recording artist, Pat Drummond, will be performing at (Venue) from (Time) Although well known for his comic material, such as "The Toilet Paper Linedance" and 'The Sao Song' which made #2 in the National Country Music Charts , it has been the 'power punch' lyric writing in songs such as "Vertelli's Wire, "The Road To Damascus", and "Somebody Else's Slides" which has so profoundly impressed critics and peers alike since then.

ERIC BOGLE describes Pat as "a writer whose deft lyrical touch and clear-eyed yet compassionate view of the human condition sets his songs apart from, and above, most others" JUDY SMALL, folk feminist extraordinaire, calls them "beautifully crafted songs which speak of the legendary, the ordinary and the possible, in ways that leave our feet tapping and our hearts singing."

On stage Pat Drummond is a performer with an innate sense of fun and an astonishing capacity to entertain; a songwriter, whose passionate commitment to this country and its people, has produced songs which are one-act plays, detailed social snapshots of ordinary Australians caught in the act of living. Pat return has been eagerly awaited by the Folk and Country Music Fraternity since his appearances here last year. An evening with Pat Drummond is not one you will easily forget .

Pat's Albums, "The Local Rag", the award winning "Laughter Like A Shield", "Of Wheels and Wires" and "Through The Cracks - Live at The Clarendon", "The Chess Set " and "The Long Journey Home" will be available at the show, which starts at (time)





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