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Laughter Like A Shield

Release Date 26th June. 1993

Producer: Pat Drummond and Martin Cass

Executive Producer: Tim Kirkland Morris

Engineer: Steve Pomfrett. Assistant Engineer: Malcolm Shepherd

Recorded at The Tracking Station, Sydney

Mastered at Soundview Studios, Wentworth Falls

Laughter Like A Shield-: Liner Notes

A rather cynical rock critic once said of Geoff and I, that we present Australians, not as they really are, but as they would like to see themselves. It is a criticism we reject. If the stories presented on these albums were fictitious, it may have some validity. That they are true stories about real people, is testament to the fact that the founding values that built our country in the first place are alive and well. Their continued presence within the lives of 'ordinary' people gives us something of value to which we may, individually and collectively, aspire. This is not to suggest that there is no darker side. Geoff and I have not been slow to deal with it in songs like Runaway hearts, Sarah's Eyes, Do it Easy, Point of View, Murder on the Ridge, Harkans' Taxi, Burn The Homestead Down, and The Battler. But to pretend, as many do, that such a grim view is the only credible perspective, is to adopt the mindset of despair. Australians, especially at this time in our history, cannot afford to be trapped by such a lie. We do have to face some hard truths about ourselves and our position in the world. But knowing, unequivocally, who we are, and what we stand for, is the first step in facing such a challenge. I am inclined to think that, in the end, Henry Lawson was correct when he said of Australians, that it is...

"the hope of something better which will save us in the end."


Pat Drummond, June 1993.

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