Six Days In December
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Release Date 2nd April 2000

Producer: Rod Coe

Mastered at Soundview Studios, Wentworth Falls

Engineer: Glen Phimister

Mixed by Rod, Glen and Pat at JMV Studios, Bankstown

Of all the things that define us; our ideals, our hopes and our history, it is perhaps our relationships that are the most important.

For many of us, it is only through them that we will be remembered. While some relationships are ours by birthright; others we negotiate and still others seem to be sent to us; almost as a challenge to our capacity to grow. It is by the way we stitch them all together; through the patterns that are consequently formed, that we gradually build our Quilt.

Oscar Wilde once said that we "put our talent into our jobs but we must bring our genius to the living of our lives." So, after all the songs of politics and passion, finally an album of song's about what is perhaps the ultimate negotiation, Love.

It's capacity to wax and wane and, in the end, it's ability to make us fully human. This album is dedicated to our family and friends; and particularly to Carol and Marty for their tolerance & support this last year.

Pat and Karen, April, 2000

Thanks to:
Sharon Knitter, Allan Caswell, Woody and Mouse and Pat's dad, Trevor, for the inspiration for some of the songs. Paul Thistlethwaite, Margaret & Tim Friend for the photos. Carol Drummond and Glad Gronlund for the beautiful quilt and for allowing us to scan it unfinished; Geoff for 'The House at 21', Marty for the banjo, the dobro and the muffins!

Special Thanks to John Nutting, Nick Erby, Richard Porteous, Ian Macnamara and the many community radio stations all over Australia for their support. To Rod, Glen & Barry for their patience (more than the average amount was required dealing with our 'artistic tension') To Mike Smith for his interest & advice and to all the supporters at our gigs together who encouraged us to make this album a reality.

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