Freedom In Her Eyes

Words & Music: Greg Champion, Grant Luhrs, Andrew Clermont and Pat Drummond (3.59)

Dateline: Wagga Wagga 11/11/99

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I don't know just what it was

if she just fell for him because

The place; the time; the planets were in line

They say that opposites attract

and she had something that he lacked

that lit the flame of freedom in his eyes


Life was never meant to be

such a sad and safe routine

and taking chances never was his style

But she was such a wayward child

that something in her cosmic smile

lit the flame of freedom in his eyes


Chorus: Life is made for taking chances

One thing that we know

Living well means often learning to let go


He quit that job and they hit the road

Freedom like River flowed

He never knew the ride could be that wild

Each day brought what it might bring

And no forever wedding ring

Could bind the flame of freedom in their eyes

Love is made for taking chances



He woke up and found that note

And as he read the words she wrote

He felt a smile of bitter-sweet surprise

For more than all the things they were

More than what he felt for her

He loved that flame of freedom in her eyes

Freedom in her eyes



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