The Rush

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Words & Music: Pat Drummond & Karen Lynne Frencham

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: The first time that I saw you,

you were standing in the rain

You'd just got off the downtown bus

Karen: I spilled my packages across the kerbside lane

And you came across the street to pick them up.

(You were so sweet..)

Pat: : We went for coffee at that cafe in the mall

Karen: I gave you my number

but I didn't think you'd call

Karen: & Pat: : Two hearts beating in the crush

the morning traffic swept us up

Caught up in The Rush


Pat: : The first time that I held you

and I walked you to your door

The evening scattered starfire in your hair

Karen: : You said "Be careful now, You'll make the neighbours talk"

Pat: and you smiled at me and said you didn't care

Wine and firelight and laughter in the hall

Karen: : Until that moment when

we could not speak at all

Karen: & Pat: : Two hearts faltered in the hush

As the night rose over us

We were Caught up in 'The Rush'




Pat: : You get the kids up and iron another shirt

Sometimes these morning's seem so rushed

Karen: :You come to kiss me as your going off to work

Oh, but our lips they barely touch

Pat: : God knows that I work hard, I pay the bills on time....

Karen: : It isn't your fault, and I know it isn't mine....

Pat: : There's time for everything it seems except for us....

Karen: : And I still love you but sometimes that's not enough

Pat: : We're getting older both of us

Karen: but we still need each other's touch

Karen: & Pat: : When we're caught up in the rush

I still need to feel 'The Rush'

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