The Old Time Country Show

Words & Music: Pat Drummond (3.59)

For Trevor and Philomena Drummond who met at

The Rooty Hill Community Centre during WWII

and for Rob and Ryke, Dave and Tania De Santi, The Murray Family

and all at the Bush Music Clubs,

through whose work our heritage of dance survives.

Dateline... The Old Dance Hall, Mt. Warning, Queensland

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A song written after a woolshed dance in the Tweed Valley. Bush Dancing has become one my passions since playing the Glen Innes Bush Music Festival in October last year. It represents a precious link to our past. Given that most are regional variations of dances and music from America, Britain, Germany, and the many other lands from which Australia's immigrants came, they serve as a reminder that Australia always was a multicultural nation. The romantic country influence in the delivery is the legacy of two tours with my friend Allan Caswell, who taught me that it is as equally important to write with the heart as with the head.


She never was one of those pretty ones;

all her girlfriends married young.

She knew by the time she was thirty-one

she'd be livin' her life alone.

He never was one of your flashy types;

steady job; stayed home at night.

Resigned, by the time he was thirty-five,

to livin' all on his own.


Chorus: But Love can come to anyone.

You never really know.

Roger met Betty on a Saturday night

at The Old Time Country Show.


Now some of the young blades called him Pop;

greying hair; thin on top.

He lived on the top of the corner shop

and slept all on his own.

She never was one of your fashion plates,

two or three pounds overweight.

It had something to do with the cakes she ate

on those nights she spent at home.


But Love can come to anyone.

You never really know.

Gary met Jenny on a Saturday night

at The Old Time Country Show.


Down At the Old Time Country Show

you can sing and dance and say "Hello";

And somebody that you hardly know

will hold you in their arms;

at the one and only Old Time Country Show.


Now I guess I was always a little shy.

Fame and fortune passed me by.

But I'm goin' down to that dance tonight;

goin' all on my own.

Maybe someone who looks just like you,

will dance with someone lonely too. And later on, if it's alright by you,

I could even walk you home.


For Love can come to anyone.

You never really know.

Maybe I'll fall in love with you

at The Old Time Country Show.


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