When You Say Goodbye

Words & Music: Pat Drummond (3.27)

For all of our friends whose shipwrecked hearts still hope for better things.

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When you say goodbye to me;

please don't do it casually.

Do your best to let me see

some sorrow in your eyes.

That way I won't feel that I'm

so lightly cast aside.


When you say goodbye to me;

speak your lines unevenly.

Have the grace to turn your face

and fumble with your hands.

Then because I love you still

I'll say, I understand.


Here I am, an extra in this cast of broken dreams

Where all the leading lines

are someone else's so it seems

If my heart must play this part

let's keep the ending clean

Please allow me some small say in how we play the scene


When you say goodbye to me

leave me with some dignity

Touch my cheek and gently leave

before you see me cry

But remember you once loved me

when you come to say goodbye


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