Tales from the Local Rag
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Release Date 4 September 1990

Producer : Allan Caswell

Engineer: Martin Cass and Barry Henniger

Executive Producer : Tim Kirkland Morris

Recorded at The Tracking Station Sydney and Soundview Studios, Wentworth Falls

As we rush headlong into a global culture in the next twenty years, I feel it's very important that we retain some sense of our own past and values. To fail to do so will mean being culturally swamped by whatever country becomes economically dominant. I believe that each of these stories, and the people who shared them with me, represent a little part of that jigsaw puzzle we call the 'Australian Character'. It's a character that has been hard won, and one in which we have much to be proud. I hope you enjoy these songs. It was hard to choose between all the terrific stories that people have told me in the last two years. Al and I originally recorded 17 songs for this project, we hope, with your support, to get the others out real soon.

All the best

Pat Drummond September 1990

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