Amish Mourn (Somewhere In The USA)
Words & Music: Pat Drummond.
In memory of Marian Fisher, 13; Anna Mae Stoltzfus, 12; Naomi Rose
Ebersol, 7, and sisters Mary Liz Miller, 8, and Lena Miller, 7
Dateline: 3/10/2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania

'Just when I thought compassion had been lost without a trace, one vast act of forgiveness swept a world of hate away.'
A song in praise of the extraordinary Christian response shown by the Amish community in the USA in the week after the gun massacre of their children in a Nickel Mines, Penn. School.

It was just another story from the other side of the world

senseless violence took the lives of five sweet little girls

Lena, Marian and Mary, Naomi and Anna Mae

and the headline read, "Somewhere in the USA!"

Carl Roberts was the milkman Marie, she was his bride

Something dark began to grow in him the day their daughter died

He was a timebomb tickin' down Pennsylvania way

and they sold him a gun somewhere in the USA!

(He said)"Those Amish must crazy, They're Livin' in the past

back in the horse and buggy days ... Well that ain't gonna last

God don't care about you! He's lost in yesterday

They're gonna wake pretty soon and find it's true somewhere in the USA!"

When he came into the classroom they had just come in from play

he was carrying a demon and a handgun someone made

In the terror and screaming he blew their world away

and then he killed himself somewhere in the USA!

Where can't I find Compassion, Lord? Why can't I see Your face?

On days like these it seems it's dissappeared without a trace

Oh, Is there any goodness left within the human race

Somewhere deep inside of me I heard a small voice say

"Yes there is ....

Somewhere in the USA"

They were standing by his graveside with his children and his wife

They were asking God's forgiveness for the man who'd killed their child

They were starting up a Trust Fund for the kids he'd left behind

and through a rush of tears I realised that I'd been blind

And we who call for vengeance In our Prisons and your Wars

Measuring out Justice to the letter of the law
Well, the Letter of The Law

we're lookin' for's the letter 'L'

one simple letter seperates a heaven from our hell

We were laughing at the Amish but our laughter wasn't heard

They're weren't listening to The World,

They were Listening to 'The Word'....

Just when I thought Compassion had been lost without a trace

One vast act of forgiveness swept a world of hate away

Who'd have thought it from a Land where 'Payback' rules the day

But Miracles still happen if you're watching

Even In The USA

Yes Miracles still happen if you want them

Even In The USA

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