Words & Music: Pat Drummond.
For our hero and inspiration, Jesus of Nazareth

Regardless of my own very chequered personal history, my Christian Faith has been an indispensable compass in my somewhat dishevelled life. This is one of my more intensely personal songs, which was 'outed' by Karen when she entered it, without telling me, in the Gospel section of the Charters Towers Country Music Festival Songwriters' Awards. It came as somewhat of surprise to to receive an award from a competition I hadn't even realised I'd entered! One of the constant perils of working with Karen.

I swore when I was young

That I would live life my for you

I said I wouldn't do

The things that I grew up to do

It wasn't that I wasn't taught

but I wanted my own way

Now I'm paying for my arrogance today

And though you were my beacon

in this sea of endless night

I slipped the harbour light

and sailed my boat away from sight

determined to sail by the stars

I cast the charts away

Now I'm paying for my arrogance today

And when the waves came up before me

how I cursed you from the bow

said you abandoned and deserted me

all in my darkest hour

but the truth is always harder

for the fault was always mine

It was I who left the harbour

It was I who slipped the line

Now I stand before my broken mast

and I hang my head to pray

and somewhere deep inside the storm

I hear the pilot say

"Come back to me! Come back, you see

your harbour fees are paid."

Two thousand years ago

when I sailed out on Calvary Bay

I was paying for your arrogance that day

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