Calling Me
Words & Music: Pat Drummond and Brent Parlane

Dateline: 09/10/2006 : Leura, NSW

There's nothing like a night under the stars in the Blue Mountains to put the concerns of our daily lives in their proper perspective. Perhaps it's our homing instinct at work, but a sense of wonder and mystery is common to all who have ever contemplated the night sky.

Moonglow on a snow kissed mountain

White tips on a windswept sea

Icenets in a Winter river

There's a place that's calling me

I don't know what I hope to find

Maybe something that I left behind

Innocence or Peace of Mind

but it's calling me

Star trails in a western desert

Shorebreaks on a virgin beach

Sunbeams in an emerald forest

There's a place that's calling me

Somewhere deep in the heart of man

windtrails swirl through the crimson sand

And a voice from where it all began

Is calling me

Nights like this I watch the moon

From my safe surburban room

And flee the safety of it's womb

To where the wild things are

Moonlight on a red tile sea

Street lights stretch away from me

while somewhere out there distantly

I see the evening star

Beyond the rings of Saturn

In the heart of a galaxy

From the light of a long dead nova

There's a voice that's calling me

I don't know what I hope to see

Maybe heaven or eternity

What we wish might come to be

is calling me

Solitude and Mystery

Are Calling Me

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