For Cindy Maree Dunford and Tony Summers
Datelines; The Golden Dog Hotel, Glenreagh, NSW and Forster, NSW 1/9/96
Words & Music: Pat Drummond

No matter how silly our dreams may look to those around us, they will always be the wonderful wraiths that bring colour and meaning to our lives. Karen and I are probably more guilty than most when it comes to harbouring and nurturing improbable dreams, however, whatever comes, I hope we'll never entirely give up on such irrational optimism. It's the secret of joy and struggle.

She had golden tresses and a pure white dress

and there was satin down the seams.

She was ever the light of her daddy's eye

but tonight she was his Queen.

And she seemed to shine just like an opal mined

out of every miner's dreams.

Lightning Ridge has got an Opal Queen.

Lord, she's the toast of the social scene!


It was an FJ Bonnet that they put her up on

and it was ninety in the shade;

and they rolled her on down through the red dirt town

through the middle of the big parade.

Now it's ten years later and she's working as the barmaid

up here in Glenreagh;

It's just a snow white dress in a faded photo frame.


Chorus; Everybody's got a dream, it's true.

It may not seem that much to you,

but you are wrong if think

the song belongs to the chosen few.

The passion and the power and the hope and the grace,

are written in the lines of the average face.

You may never know just what a moment means,

Till you look at it through someone else's dreams.


Now he still talks about the year that The Hawks

won fourteen on the trot.

He was the fullback then, a much younger man

and, Lord, that team was hot!

He talks with pride of the runaway try

when the crowd cried out his name

and it's just football boots in a faded photo frame.




So every year we come up here

and we kid ourselves we're stars.

We watch from the wings while the pretty young things

take home all the Gold Guitars!

The Old Folks talk about the last good tour

and the fleeting face of fame.

It's just cowboy boots in a faded photo frame.


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