Somewhere Down The Line

Words and Music: Pat Drummond
or Steve and Lisa Ahern. In memory of 'Australia Calling' and all who sailed her.


I've slept out under Western skies.

Watched the wattle morning rise.

I've shared the laughter in your eyes

the strength within your heart.

I came to make your stories mine.

I've learned a little every time

but every journey has a line

that leads back to the start.


Chorus: Until I see you all again, I wish you lives untouched by pain;

a bumper wool clip for the shearing floor; fields of ripened grain.

May life be sweet and love be kind and may your heart be linked to mine

Until we meet again somewhere down the line.


From Broome to Bourke and back again;

from Castle Hill to Castlemaine;

Mungandi to Moulemein;

down corrugated tracks

Through tiny towns with mighty names

by nickel mines and opal claims

Till swept on like the summer flames,

this road has led me back


Waving fields of Queensland Cane;

The Daintree forest washed with rain;

White sea sand and black soil plain;

The Southern Ocean flecked with foam

The stars out on the Birdsville track;

The Winter snows on Crackenback.

These are the things that form a part of the heritage of every heart

of everyone who ever called this country home.

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