The Opening Song
Words and Music: Pat Drummond
® Shoestring Records 1985


Oh God! Is it really eight o'clock? What the hell am I gonna play?
I did alright here, last Friday night, but that was Yesterday.
One thing about this crazy job I know,
you're only as good as your last damn show;
and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get that high again.

(and I think)
Maybe tonight they wont get involved; maybe they wont sing the songs.
Nights like that, you know they drive me crazy and they seem to last so long.
Still there's no use worrying about that now;
They've killed the tape and the lights are goin' down;
so grab a drink and hit them with that opening song.

Gotta get that bass drum thumpin';
Gotta get the adrenalin pumpin';
Ah shit! The 'A' string's outta tune again!
Just a little bit more on the phaser;
O.K., have a look at the faces,
work out what's goin' on out in the room again.

(Let me see...)
The three guys down the back are from the football team;
one of them's just itchin' for a fight.
The lady in the corner gettin' drunk's a little lonely;
she's anyone's tonight!
The kids in the middle, they've just finished their exams;
they're actin' a little crazy but they dont give a damn,
and the one in black, she's got special plans
as to how she'll spend the night.


The business type on the side is lookin' real smooth;
got her eye on the guy in the three piece suit;
both too scared to make the first move;
Hey, I wonder how that'll work out!
The couple up the front, they've been comin' here for years
and I still don't know their names;
So many stories seem to slip right through my fingers here
that it seems goddamn shame.
( But, oh well...)
Right now I gotta do something
somehow that'll get the room jumpin';
press the button that'll get us all into over drive!
Some nights it's as easy as breathin';
some times for no good reason,
ain't nothin' I can do or say to make you come alive.

Don't let tonight work out like that!
It's up to you if it's gonna be alright
so, come on everybody and put your hands together
for the opening song of the night.

Hey, wait a minute now it's all in flight;
their lips are dancin' and their eyes are bright,
and now this first damn song's behind me, I think I'm gonna be alright!
One night the magic ain't gonna work for me no more
and I'll be left sittin' in front of an empty door;
that night's comin', of that I'm sure...
but it ain't gonna be tonight!

so, come on everybody and put your hands together
for the opening song of the night.

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