The Rest Is History
(Words and Music by Pat Drummond

- from an idea by Allan Caswell)

The Rest Is History
Oh Please remember me
when you look back across the years at how it used to be
Oh it's no news to me that life brings changes
It's like a melody
where nothing ever stays the same
except the memories
So keep them safe for me
For The Rest Is History

In Nineteen hundred and twenty-three
The supply boats sailed out of Circular quay
While the Harbour bridge and the city link
were just a twinkle in the eye of old "J.T."
The brightly coloured horse drawn drays
were the arteries of the North Shore trade
They'd drag their wares to the market stairs
from the bottom of the promenade
and the grade was steeper then I guess
for the horse and driver gave it best
They built a water trough where the wagons stopped
At a Pub they called "The Rest"


The Bridge forever changed the face
of Milson's Point and the harbour trade
And the wooden Pub, so long it's hub
burnt down in Nineteen Thirty Eight
A new pub built in forties style
brought Air Force Men with furlough smiles
and on Saturday nights they started fights
and blood ran on the tiles


In '77 the music came
The clientelle had changed again
You and I and 'American Pie'
were strapped upon the wheel of change
Roadcrew, Lights and P.A. Gear
The Party lasted ten long years
the bar was packed from front to back
and I still can hear the cheers


Like the R.A.F and the horse drawn carts
I feel that I have left my mark
on the road that leads from Miller Street
To the laughing face of Luna Park
When they close these doors for the final time
When the demolition crews arrive
New memories will oversew
these cherished memories of mine
So Raise your glass before we go
"To Far away and Long ago,
To the ferrymen and the Air Force throng
To the painted drays and the years of song
To the publicans and a world gone wrong
To the last of the one man shows"

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