Pat Drummond - What the Critics say:

"It will take generations for most of us, as writers, to catch up to where Pat Drummond has been. No matter which course you take through this wild music industry, at the end of every path you will find Pat's mark on the tree." Luke O'Shea

"Pat Drummond is a unique Aussie voice. His humour, perception and compassion are blended with Ozzie directness and honesty. His enthusiasm for his craft is unquenchable, He is almost on a mission to draw our attention to life's enhancing moments. His presence on stage is both energising and and awesome. Good on ya, Pat" RALPH MCTELL

"He writes about love and death and all the things that touch our lives, as all the best writers do, but he writes with a deft hand for the listener who appreciates the lyrics, twisting an apparent cliche into a dazzling word play." MICHAEL SMITH... Drum Media.

A Lyrical declaration of War!...Pat Drummond is an excellent Singer and writer of narrative songs a 'dirty realism' short story writer who has happened to find his natural mode of expression in songs that hover between folk and country with just a hint of Rock'n'Roll.... BRUCE ELDER

"Pat Drummond is an original and witty songwriter. His deft lyrical and melodic touch, allied to his clear-eyed yet compassionate view of the human condition ensures that his songs have a quality that sets them apart from, and above, most other songs you will hear. He plays a mean guitar and sings not too badly as well"... ERIC BOGLE

Drummond is a songwriter's songwriter one who has an almost eerie ability to grab characters from real life and wrestle from their psyches stories of intense emotion and understanding...who presents his songs with a passion and humour that often overpowers the high voltage brilliance of his material" AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY MUSIC, DAVID LATTA'S SEMINAL BOOK ON THE FORM.

"captures the very fibre of Australian attitudes." KATHRYN HANES... TELEGRAPH MIRROR

"What I find about Pat's songs is that they are slices of life that are current now. In the years to come they are the folk songs that Australians will be singing..."JOHN SCHUMANN.

"Some of Pat's biggest fans are his fellow songwritersbecause they know how difficult is to do what he seems to do so effortlessly. At his best, he is nothing short of riveting. " ALLAN CASWELL

"Laughter Like A Shield" is Pat's finest; full of beautifully crafted songs which tell us about the legendary, the ordinary and the possible, in ways that leave us not only with our feet tapping but with our hearts singing." JUDY SMALL

"If you have never seen Pat Drummond perform, his latest CD, "Late Final Extra will leave you regretting that you haven't . If you have it will remind why you have to keep coming back" Mike McClellan


"I have always loved songs that can really tell a story. Pat Drummond writes such songs..." GRAEME CONNORS

At his best, however, he is nothing short of riveting." ...ALLAN CASWELL

"From the outset it's obvious that Drummond knows his way around a guitar and knows how to deliver a song...Pat is a perceptive and sensitive lyricist..."ROGER CROSTHWAITE ...SUNDAY TELEGRAPH.

"Durability unusual in the transient world of music...he has captured and held the interest of hundreds of people..."MARK GATELY...SYDNEY MORNING HERALD.

"The man who pioneered independent venues and recording..." SONICS

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