Pat Drummond - A Potted History

Born Patrick Edward Drummond on Apr. 2nd, 1952 at Macdonaldtown, NSW, Pat started working in acoustic bands with his brothers. From playing in the folk scene in the sixties, he moved to playing solo in the emerging Sydney pub scene of the seventies and built up a tremendous personal following which continued into the eighties. He released his first album in 1979 and has followed up with over a dozen LP's, singles and CDs in the ensuing years. He has toured New Zealand and Japan and has appeared in numerous TV and radio programs.

With the release of his "Tales from the Local Rag' in 1990, Pat adopted the on-stage persona of an old-time newspaperman (complete with a 'Tamworth Daily Leader' press card in the hat band), highlighting the narrative nature of many of his songs. Eric Bogle sums Pat up as "an original and witty songwriter. His deft lyrical and melodic touch, allied to his clear-eyed yet compassionate view of the human condition ensures that his songs have a quality that sets them apart from, and above, most other songs you will hear. He plays a mean guitar and sings not too badly as well." A regular performer in the nineties at Folk, Bush and Country Music Festivals, Pat was awrded the highly Prestigious Australian Independent Country Music Entertainer of The Year in 2000. His Song, "The Road To Damascus" was selected in the finals of 1999 Country Song Of The Year in The Gold Guitars in Tamworth and along with Karen Lynne he won Contemparary Country Song Of The Year in the TSA Songwritibng awards in Tamworth 2000. He was also Joint Winner of Male Vocal of the Year at the Australian Bush Music Festival 1993 and Grand Finalist for Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, Heritage Award and Country Song of the Year in the 1994 Tamworth Australasian Country Music Festival.

Although well known for his comic repertoire including "The Sao Song", "The Spider Song" and "The Toilet Paper Linedance", it has been the 'power punch' lyric writing in songs such as " Who Is That Refugee", 10,000 Miles Away","The Blessing", "Vertelli's Wire" and "Margaret and Joe" and "Good Morning Josie" which has so profoundly impressed both the critics and his peers in recent years.

Pat was an elected director of The Australian Country Music Association Of Australia for five years and has also served as The Entertainment Director For The Galston Country Music Festival, whhich was Sydney's Biggest Country Music Festival during it's 12 year run (1997-2009).

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