Stolen Guitars & Equipment



Two uninsured, but very distinctive guitars, of great sentimental value were stolen from Pat Drummond's truck in Croydon on Sunday 13th July, 1997.

1. A 1976 Maton Messiah with a Wayne Preamp and a Mother of Pearl 'M' instead of the Maton symbol on the headstock (serial no 62 - 677) and

2005 Update: In what seems another in a series of closing circles that guitar, stolen in 1996 has come home also.

A phone call in the early morning last spring and a poignant meeting in Newcastle brought my old friend back to me. My grateful thanks to Geoffery Wormald who wanted nothing more than a few of the albums I had recorded with it for it's return. It was incredibly generous of him. He had found the page on my internet site that offered a large reward for it's return all those years ago; but wanted only to see it in my hands once again. Thank you so much, Geoffery!!!!!!!

2. A Custom De Gruchy (serial no 415) with a Baggs preamp also with a Mother of Pearl 'D' replacing the standard De Gruchy name on the Headstock.

2011 Update : This Guitar remains missing. I hope I will one day see it again, also.

3.Taken also were a box containing merchandising CDs and a Pearce amplifier channel switching footpedal and

1997 Update :The custum built Cd display box was recovered from an Eastern Suburbs front garden.

4. a black plastic Roland keyboard case containing a Roland U220, Mc500Mk2, TU-14, TR 707 and a Mackie mini mixing desk model no12-02.

2011 Update : This equipment was never recovered but I was able to relace most of it

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