A River Too Wild
For The National Park Rangers, SES and Police Rescue Workers
Dateline: The Gorge, Grafton, NSW
Words & Music: Pat Drummond

The young tourist died on that terrible night
He went over the rocks at Caves Falls
The cold and shock, the force of the drop
God knows he had no chance at all
It took 21 days for the Ranger to find him
There's a plaque by that steep river bed
"Friendship never dies, memories last forever. "
No truer words ever were said!

Chorus: A river too wild, a current too deep
In under this river the storms never sleep
You can roll out those fences, make them steady and long
But you won't tame this river. No fence is that strong

We stood there together and watched the bright water
dance over the stones to the sea
"That's the seventh who's drowned here
and the third one I've found"
He said, looking over at me.
Under warm summer sunshine; beneath a bright blue sky
I watched the storms roll through his eyes
And I could see all the terror and the power of that river
in The Gorge when the storm waters rise


We steered through the water up into The Gorge
Where it's over a hundred feet deep
I watched while the sunbeams streamed down through the current
to be lost in the shadows beneath
But a chill in my blood said, "Don't stir the mud here,
sometimes it's silence that's wise
so we sat there together staring into a river
as deep as that country boy eyes


And after we parted I watched while the darkness
swept down from the range to the park
Before I went to bed and I went back there and read
what it said in the words on that plaque.
"Frendship never dies, memories last forever."
No truer words ever were said
The golden ones live with our families
but the darkest ones live in that young Ranger's head

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