Don't Worry (Neither Will I)
For Karen, who's always trying to organise me.
Dateline Mildura, Victoria
Words and Music: Pat Drummond

Oh, I sleep in the truck when the storms come up
outside when the weather is dry
So much of my live is determined by
the moods of the sky
There are roads I drive when the land is dry
that I'd never go by in the wet
Working in an office, slavn' in a box
No wonder that the world forgets

Chorus: That the day will Dawn
on the day you're born
and it does on the day you die
It pays no mind to these plans of mine
And don't worry... honey, neither should I

The Farmers and the Drovers they know it
Because you live it in the country first hand
You learn not to argue with the will of God
out here on the land
You can bust a gut when the creeks comes up
pushin' on when the black soil's damp
The people in the city, they could learn just a little
from the rythmn of a drover's camp


For the sun will shine in it's own good time
and the moon rolls round that track
They never dreams of what might have been
and they never, no never looked back
The river flows where the river goes
to the waves of the windswept sea
It's only Man with his endless plans
that will never, no never be free

Nobody plans be born on the morning
that they wake with their hearts and cry
Nobody plans to be carried away
on the day that they say "Goodbye"
You can plan your life to the minute
Be 'Dead on Time' to die
But in a hundred years
Honey, who will care?

Ah, ou gotta let the world roll by
Bit in a hundred honey will care?


So don't worry
and neither will I

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