Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14
Words and Music: Pat Drummond and Karen Lynne
Dateline: Inspired by a conversatiion with Karen Lynne at The White Rose Cafe, Temora

Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14
The prettiest girl that the world had seen
Didn't look a lot like those supermodel women
that look the survivors of a Singapore Prison
Her bottom was round and her breasts were full
but when her skirt flew up she was beautiful!!
And that full figure figured in a lot of men's dreams
Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14

The Women's Weekly and No Idea
They make a lot of cash from the constant fear
that if you aren't skinny then you're bound to fail
What they will never tell you is that the average male
still prefers a woman with a few nice curves
It's time to give the Adboys one big serve
Scream right back at your TV Screen
You tell 'em Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14

I'd like to take the whole damn cast of 'Friends'
I'd take them up to 'Lenny's" for the long weekend
I'd give those women what they really need
a new perspective and a damned good feed

Little boys bottoms have a place in the world
But it isn't on the body of a grown up girl
They look pathetic on a Supermodel
flogging cheap cosmetics in a plastic bottle
There's still a few men in the world like me
who remember what a woman's body used to be
A voluptuous figure in tight blue jeans
Remember Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14

If I could date the ladies on the T.V. Soaps
I'd take 'em for a burger and I'd tell them that I hope they
stop starvin' themselves and killin' our kids
try'na make 'em into shapes God never did

You see, the Adman's dollar and corporate greed
will never tell a woman what a real man needs
You won't win him working out in a gym
When what he really wants is you working out with him
You say you're body's too big and your shape is strange
It's your mind not your body that you need to change
Paint these words on your TV screen
Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14
Don't let their scales outweigh your dreams
You tell 'em Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14
Don't buy their stupid magazines
until they use a few models who are size 14
Marilyn Monroe Was a Size 14


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