Rose's Lagoon at Dawn
Words and Music Pat Drummond
Dateline: Roses Lagoon near Lake George ACT
Dec 31st , New Years Eve.


The Sacred Ibis moves upon the face of Rose Lagoon
A whirring blur of golden wings against it's liquid fire
Every head a shadowed hood, and each step a shattered mirror
sheets of burnished metal spidered with a lace of black barbed wire

A ridge of reeds recedes like wings spread out across the water
silted wetlands in the darkness; silhouettelands in the light
New arrivals dip a trailing touch, alert to sound and shadow
Every dawn is threat and promise on the migratory flight

Since the birth of primal memory each according to it's kind
seeks to sift the ancient patterns for a course, that ever might
Be both a blessing and a burden. Lives forever searching
for the shelter of another, so the Ibis takes it's flight.

And I too, am bound by history. I have felt it's loving shackles
where I've searched these ancient dreamings
for the life that I might make
Seeking always for a sanctuary upon this path I travel;
Every dawn is threat and promise on the journey I must take.


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