Who Are These People (Out of Eden)
For The workers at The Eden Cannery
Words and Music Pat Drummond and Craig Dawson
Dateline: Eden, NSW


Who are these people?
What are their names?
The one's that never feel the fear
That always stand to gain
An eight million dollar profit
They took out of my town
But it wasn't enough to keep them
from closing the cannery down
Who are these people?
What have they done to my town?

Who are these people?
Where do they live?
They've cast us out of Eden now
and me, I don't forgive
In '92 we pulled them through
and put them on their feet
Now it's sweatshops up in Asia
and they say we can't compete
Who are these people?
How do the mongrels sleep?

Who are these people?
These managers from Heinz
Ain't it time that the world they think they own
Kicked their fat behinds
Who made that decision
I want to talk to him
Tell him that it doesn't pay to win the world
And to do your nation in
Who are these people?
Why do we let them win?

Who are these people?
It's such a damn disgrace
The bloke from the local TV
shoves a camera in my face
Where am I gonna go now?
Now that the works all gone?
Questions I can't answer
well I got another one
Like, who are these people?
And how fast can they run?
Who are these people?
And how far can they run?


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