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Pat Drummond Community Concerts

NB: This deal is not available to Professional Entertainment Venues, Festivals, Promoters, Agents or In-house Bookers


Looking for a fundraiser that will not only do something about addressing the problem of your organisation's depleted finances, but which will also be a rewarding and enjoyable experience to bring your community just a little closer together?

If you can organise as few as sixty people you should consider a....

Pat Drummond Community Concert.

As you are no doubt aware, successful schools, church and sports and social groups must be more than just units of common endeavor. They must also be cohesive groups of people who know a little about, and interact with, each other socially.

For schools particularly, reaching out to, and communicating with, the parents of the children in your care on a social level is an enormously important part of creating that positive environment to which we all aspire.

A Pat Drummond Community Concert can be a wonderful opportunity for this to happen.

The nature of Pat's concerts are such that they appeal to the widest possible audience. They provide an opportunity for lots of singing, lots of laughter and some good solid food for thought about what it means to be an Australian in the 1990's.

From Pat's point of view they are a conscious attempt to break the inevitable connection between the entertainment and alcohol industries in this country, as well as being a tremendous forum for meeting a broad cross section of Australians and gathering the kind of stories, which have become the basis of his albums.

For you and your organisation, they offer a night of national quality entertainment, an unusual and rewarding way of raising much needed funds, and an important opportunity to bring your community just that little bit closer together.

Don't take our word for it... read the reviews and then ring

(047) 84 1950 and let us show you how it can work.

Bio, Reviews and References

The Bottom Line ... Does it work?

South Dubbo Rotary sold over six hundred tickets to Pat's show at Dundullimall Homestead in Dubbo in October. By involving local media and community networking your profits are potentially very good. For South Dubbo Rotary and the Flying Doctor they were excellent.

How's it work?

Best Of all! It's Simple; no complex formulas and payouts. No extensive organisation.

What are the finances? What can I gain?

An awful lot! Because there is no percentage above certain numbers, as is often the case, all the profit is yours! You get out of it what you put in! Pat gets the money from the first sixty tickets. You get the rest. A minimum Ticket price applies. Contact us for more details.

What happens if we fail to sell the required number to cover cost?

Can I lose?

No, not unless you are really disorganised! Concerts can be cancelled without incurring any cost up until fourteen days prior to the date. Country cancellations must be made within twenty one days since country tours are coordinated much further in advance. Inside this time a cancellation fee applies.

What do I need?

1. Physically, not much. A hall with seating and standard 240 volt 8 amp power. All light, sound, posters, publicity promos are provided by us.

2. Motivated people who will sell the tickets to friends, family etc. More motivated people who will make sure that the publicity posters are placed in local shops and businesses a sensible time in advance (We recommend six weeks) Even more motivated people to place a story in the local newspaper and to send out notes and newsletters. And even more motivated people who will set up and pack away the venue. (Many groups organise a tea, coffee and cakes stall or raffles as an extra fundraiser.)

If you have a go-ahead group interested in a chance to make some much needed funds, which also offers a fabulous night's entertainment, this is a great opportunity.

Why Is it so Cheap?

Why is the artist that played The Victorian Arts Centre Concert Hall in 1992, the Osaka Hilton in Japan in 1993, who headlines major Folk and Country Music festivals all over Australia prepared to play in our school, church hall etc for this kind of deal? What's wrong with this picture?

Pat's performance history is one of attempting the unusual. He has long looked for a way to break the inevitable link between the alcohol and the entertainment industries. From our point of view Community Concerts have been highly successful in achieving three objectives.

1. Bringing Pat's performances to a whole section of the community who never go to Hotels and Youth venues. People who have young families or older people whose social life revolves around groups like yours.

2. Since Pat's songs are about real people; average Australians struggling to live their lives in modern society; they are most accessible and immediate to average Australian family people. The impact these concerts have had on record sales has therefore been tremendous and this is of course one of our prime incentives.

3. Historically The Community Concert Program has become the source of many of Pat's songs and stories. Being billeted in small rural communities and working in community venues often brings Pat closer to the stories that are the basis of his work. Giving him access to the 'life experience' stories that are just not available to those artists who tour through towns, working concert halls and staying in motels.

Can Children attend?

Pat's childrens' shows are also available for booking on the above number and incorporate his childrens' songs, some of which have been recorded by artists such as Don Spencer, Bullamakankas etc. Community concerts are not specifically aimed at children but that does not mean that they are not welcome and if a sufficient number of children are present, many of these songs will be presented. However the show is mainly designed as an opportunity for the adult members of your community to get together socially and for your organisation to raise funds. The songs are mainly about people like themselves whose humour and experience have been the inspiration for Pat's music.

How Can I find out more?

Ring Carol or Pat at Shoestring Productions Pty Ltd on (0247) 84 1950

Write to us at

Shoestring Productions Pty Ltd

164 Megalong St, Leura


Phone: 02 4784 1950 (International 61- 2- 4784 1950)

or Fax us on : 02 4784 1335 (International 61- 2- 4784 1335 )

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