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Jan/Feb/Mar/ 1995

Peter Signed to Yamaha!

G'day Folks, just a short note this quarter.

First The Bad News! In a major blow to live music in Sydney, that bastion of the Pub Music Culture "The Great Northern" has closed its doors to all live entertainment, effective July 1st. It will now become a pool hall and bar. The decision may be reversed later in the year but, for the present, all gigs have been cancelled. Needless to say the July dates advertised in our last Newsletter have had to be moved to an alternate North Shore venue. The Wednesday Shows during July have now been moved to The Longueville Hotel in Lane Cove. This venue is only 2 minutes drive from The Northern and is a great little pub at which we experienced considerable success several years ago. The management bravely took these dates on very short notice so we hope that all you Northside fans will come along and support us. Starts Wed. July 5th.

Now for two big bits of Good News! Firstly, I have recently been approached by Telecom Australia about starting a weekly national radio show to be called 'Australia Calling' specialising in Australian music and stories. Tentatively this would begin in late August. We are trying to think how I could juggle this against my current touring commitments. It has been suggested that we may be able to broadcast from participating stations on the network while we are away on tour. It has all been very sudden and pretty exciting but how definite?... Well... we all remember Sony, don't we? we'll wait and see!!!.



Secondly, in the absolutely definite department, honourable No. 2 son, Peter, has now become the first drummer in two years in Australia to be signed to an 'A' level endorsement by Yamaha Music International. The deal included, among other things, the keys to the Yamaha's 'Toyshop'; so our house is in immediate peril of disappearing under the biggest drum kit ever constructed since the filming of the 'human sacrifice' scene in "King Kong" Pete rounded off the quarter by being invited by Gina Jeffries to take the drum seat in her band for the July Tour. Gina is, of course, the number one selling female country act; so Pete was pretty thrilled. Armed with a special 'ticket of leave' from the Bushwackers he'll be appearing with Gina throughout July.

On the home front, 'Cyclone Josie' is almost walking now and we are tying up cupboard doors and battening down the toilet seats in preparation for the onslaught of 'toddlerhood' A longer letter next time.


Till then, All The Best



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