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A lot of fans who have only discovered us in recent years have asked for access to older newsletters.

It's a probably a bit like reading last years newspaper; but I guess it is one way of getting to know a little more about our history and our family. So in response to those requests, here are a few back issues. Eventually I will post all of the volumes here.- Pat

Vintage 'Comic' Newsletters

Local Rag Vol 1 No 1 June 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No 2 July 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No3 August 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No4 Sept 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No5 Oct 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No6 Nov 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No7 Dec 1989

Post 1994 'Travel' Journal Newsletters

Local Rag Dec 1994

Local Rag Jan 1995

Local Rag Apr1995

Local Rag Oct1995

Local Rag Feb1996

Local Rag.July1996

Local Rag.Oct1996

Local Rag.Jan1997

Local Rag.Apr1997

Local Rag.July1997

Local Rag.Oct1997

Local Rag.Jan 1998

Local Rag.Apr1998

Local Rag.July1998

Local Rag.Oct1998

Local Rag.Jan1999

Local Rag.April1999

Local Rag.July 1999

Local Rag.Dec 1999

Local Rag Apr 2000

Local Rag Nov 2000

Local Rag July 2001

Local Rag Jan 2002

Local Rag July 2002

Local Rag Dec 2002

Local Rag July 2003

Local Rag Oct 2003

Local Rag April 2004

Local Rag April 2005

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