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From The Age of Innocence 'The Folk Revival ' Years

The Chippendale Song


From The Age Of Rage -'The Rest Hotel' Years

The Opening Song.aif

02 Who Owns The Ball.aif

04 Northwood Hill.aif

09 The Rest Is History.aif


From The Age Of Awakening - 'The Skooldaze' Years

Bully Boys Pt 1.mp3


Bully Boys Pt 2.mp3

Who Owns The Ball.mp3

From The Age Of Reason - 'The 'Local Rag' Reporter' Years

From 'Laughter Like A Shield'

The Ballad Of Geordie Johnson. mp3

The Cotton and The Rose.mp3

Somewhere In The Car ( The Spider Song)

Harkans Taxi. mp3

Laughter Like A Shield.mp3

To Ride The Wind.mp3

The Old Time Country Show - Solo.mp3

The Old Time Country Show Duet With Karen Lynne.mp3

From The Local Rag

The Sao Song.mp3

From The Age Of Magic - The 'Karen and Pat' and 'The Naked Poets' Years

Pat Drummond and Karen Lynne

from 'Six Days In December'

The Rush.mp3

Karen Lynne Clip


From The Naked Poets

From Naked Poets 3

Marilyn Monroe was a Size 14.mp3

If I Die Before Keith Richards.mp3

From The Age Of Dissent - 'The Chess Set' Years


From The Age Of Dissent

Keepers of the Flame Background to the Song

Who Is That Refugee Background to the Song

Who Are These People (The Eden Cannery Song) This is the first single. Background to the Song

Until It's Happening to You (The Bombing Of Bagdad) Background to the song


From The Descent Of Age

Blame it on the Baby Boomers Background

The Trolley Song Background

The Circle Of The Bells Background

18 Wheels Background

Goodbye My Restless Child Background


since 26/09/98

From The Long Journey Home

Amish Mourn Background

Amish Mourn mp3

Amish Mourn Aiff



For Camp Quality

The Escarpades with credits.aif

The Escarpades.aif

The Escarpades.mp3


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