Dave Douglas wrote:

Dear Pat,

Sincere condolences from all at Peak on the passing of your beloved brother.

Our thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.

Regards, Dave Douglas
Peak Events & Entertainment

NB: Tim & Maree are very distressed by this sad news.

David Beniuk wrote:

G'day Pat,
Very sorry to read the news on Ron and I've been thinking of the great gigs I had the pleasure of being at when you performed as a duo. Gave me a shock as we read Michael Smith's Industry column every week in my Music Industry Studies class. Will always remember the white sports coat at the North Gong.
Hope you're well and looks like we're on a couple of bills together in coming weeks.
David Beniuk.

Moz wrote:

Dear Drummond Family,

We are very sad to hear of your loss.

I have many happy memories of Ron during the old 'Journey's End' days.

Ron's unique ability to accompany the musical brothers on the finely tuned
cider flagon was legendary. Of course his performance was enhanced by the
fact that he always insisted on emptying, (he called it tuning) his own
flagon. Perhaps our ability to keep pace with his 'tuning' increased our
appreciation of his performance.

Ron will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Please accept our sincere condolences on your sad loss.

The Fowler Family

Moz, Jackie, Samantha & Bronson

ejh@optusnet.com.au wrote:

Pat, my deepest sympathy.....

I am in Perth mouring the sad loss of my dear ol dad last Sunday.

Still trying to feel my way through the numbness ...so I understand what you are
going through...

I feel eerily grateful it was not an accident and I had time to say my goodbyes..but
the feeling is still painful.....I miss him so much..

Again, my sympathy is with you and your family.

Rejoice in the times you had together...dont let the memories fade..


Erica Hammond

Eric Bogle wrote:

So then: his bright brief day has run
And the bonds of blood are broken
No regrets now: for old dreams left undone
Or for words of love unspoken
He now live in your hearts: but then he always did
In some quiet yet soul-deep measure
Celebrate then: a life well lived
And love: life's greatest treasure.

My sympathies to you all

Eric Bogle

Fred Pilcher wrote:

Dear Pat.

Thanks so much for calling me.

I know that I don't have to tell you how sorry I am. Ron was a huge part of
my life, as you all were of course. He was truly a friend in need.

What a remarkable guy. Always the ultimate walking contradiction, impossible
to pin down, as complex as he was kind and compassionate. The sort of guy
for whom the expression "one of a kind" was invented.

I'm truly sorry that I didn't know he was failing - not that there was
anything I could have done of course. After you contacted me last time to
tell me he was in hospital with Hodgekin's, I called him and we had a
genuinely wonderful chat. At that time there was no telling which way it
would go but, as always, he was upbeat and full of fun. We had some good
laughs. I'm very glad that our last chat was so good.

From the little you were able to tell me it sounds as if you gave Ron an
entirely appropriate send-off. It would have tickled his funny bone
enormously, not to mention his irony bone, to have been there for his own
wake. I can hear his laughter now.

I'm sorry that I never got to know Ron's wife and children. Please pass on
my very deepest sorrow and best wishes to them, Pat, from just another
well-wisher from Ron's past.

I'm not sure that I ever mentioned it to you, but one of my current
workmates knew Ron from the Royal Blind Society. I'll pass on the news to
him of course.

I didn't get a chance to ask how your Dad is. I hope he's well. If so,
please remember me to him and pass on my sorrow and my love.

I can't imagine what a hole Ron's death leaves in the lives of you, Danny,
Geoff and Steve. You five were a gestalt. I was, and will always be,
privileged to have been a part of that for a while. Please also forward
this, if you'd be kind enough, to Danny, Geoff, and Steve. Guys, I don't
think I have to say anything - I think you know. Thirty years doesn't mean
anything. We could be sitting around at your parents' place right now just
as we did all that time ago. For me, Ron will always be with us there. Those
years will always be a frozen in time for me.

Over the last few weeks I've been corresponding with a guy in the US. He's
about my age. We were swapping stories of our teenage years and early
twenties and, perhaps not too suprisingly, there were lots of parallels and
similarities though the details were very different. But part of the delight
for me was the clarity with which I those times with you five came back -
the Viet Nam moratoriums, that whole thing. The point of that is that, over
the last few weeks, I've been thinking of you all quite a lot and it's been
a great pleasure. I found myself downloading and listening to some of the
stuff we listened to then and it'll come as no surprise to you to know that
Ron's been in my mind often.

So "time and other thieves" takes one of us away. Only the first. Wasn't
Paul Simon perceptive when he wrote "how terribly strange to be seventy"? A
very close and dear friend of mine died a few months ago in an unspeakably
dreadful way. She would have been sixteen on 11th September and, like Ron,
she was phenomenally talented and complex. I tell you that because it helps
me to know that Ron was lucky to have lived a rich and full life, though we
could have expected to share it with him for perhaps another twenty years.

I'm so glad that my name came up in your conversations. Thanks for
remembering me guys. Thanks for being with Ron when I couldn't and for all
the love I know you showed him. He was a lucky man.


St Edwards Primary wrote:

Dear Pat and Family
Please accept my sincerest condolences on Ron's passing.You will be in
my thoughts and prayers tomorrow
Thought you might find the following interesting
Gary McSweeney

Please accept my condolences.
Kindest Regards;
Reg Keyworth.



Thank you for your message with respect to your brother.Both Carol and I pass on our best thoughts to you and your family,in what is always a difficult time...I am quite certain one
day you will find words to put to music to honour your brother...I'm sure he will be listening with a
critical ear.

Take care.
Carol and Ray Newton

Robert Elliott wrote:

It was with great sadness that we learnt on Thursday of Rons passing Rachel and I have many fond memories of him over the years and will always remember him warmly in our hearts.

Robert and Rachel Elliott



Please accept my heart felt sympathies for you and your family as the passing of your brother.

I have an older brother who I look to and admire and we are very good friends to boot. I can only imagine the loss for your family and that of Ron's but I hope the musical legacy that he leaves behind will help his spirit and contribution to your lives live on.

Take strength in his memories,

Bob Anthony
CountyrUpdate magazine 

Roger Sherack wrote:

G'day Pat,
I'm shocked to find out the sad news about Ron, we knocked about a fair bit some years ago back in the "Rest" days. I also photographed their wedding.

Ron used to call in regularly to see my disabled brother Trevor who sadly also died this year aged 50 ( www.skycam.com.au/trevor ).

I was only thinking about him at the Galston festival last month where you brought back many good memories of those simpler, slower, funner days.

"Gone in the blink of an eye"

Roger Sherack
Aerial Photographers

Ryan Downey wrote:

I'm sorry to hear of your loss


steve passfield wrote:


very sorry to hear of your brothers passing !!!!!
have been thinking of you and all the family mate!!!

will keep on thinking of you all!!!

steve passfield (handpicked)


I'm so very sorry Pat.
The Tempany family will be thinking of you.
Kindest thoughts,
Mark T.

steve pickering wrote:

Dear Drummonds all

I am very sad to read your message this morning. It was very kind of you to
think of writing to us all, including those like me who feel we know you
even though you do not know us.

Likewise, my memories of Ron are tiny by comparison, but they still are good
memories, ones of laughter, good humour, and humility. I'm very sorry he
died. I will add my prayers to everyone else's ... prayers of thanks as well
as prayers for help

thanks again for sending the message

your brother (in a sense)

Steve Pickering

Alison Tanner wrote:

To Pat and Family

We were so saddened to hear of your brother, Ron's, death. You never expect
them to leave you even when they have been so very sick. Take comfort in the
memories of the many wonderful times you shared and the rich and very full
life Ron lead.

He leaves the legacy of a large and loving family who have the thoughts and
prayers of all who came to know him.

Talk a lot, reminisce, I found photos to be very comforting, and if that
doesn't help....have a drink!!!

Our thoughts and prayers travel with you..

Ali Tanner and family...Wagga Wagga NSW>>>

The Grey wrote:

Hi Pat,

Chris and I were saddened to hear of the passing of your brother mate.
Please accept our best wishes and condolences.

Bush Poets
Chris & The Grey
Chris and Merv Webster

Tracey Clancy wrote:

Dear Pat,

A friend spotted an entry for Ron in the obituaries on the weekend and gave me a call to let me know. I'm really quite shocked, he was way too young.

It's been many years since we spoke although I thought I saw him in Randwick one day, maybe 12 months or so ago.

Over the last few days I've been reflecting on just how much influence he had on me. He helped me buy my first car and taught me how to drive it, being a manual, and got Paul to rebuild the engine.

I still have the ironing board we bought at St Vinnies. I still wear the ring he gave me. The photos from my graduation that Mum and Dad (now deceased) used to have on the mantelpiece were taken by Ron. Even half the furniture here we shopped for together and painted together. So many memories...

I am so sorry. Please also pass on my sympathies to Steve and your families.


Tracey (formerly known as "Cyclone")

Warren & Carol Shearman wrote:


It is with great sadness that we read your e-mail about the passing of
Ron. The world has lost a truly unique and gentle man.

Please pass Carol and my condolences on to the whole family.


Warren and Carol Shearman

, Vicki Aisbett wrote:

Dear Pat
What can anyone really say in a time like this? I can't imagine the pain you are all feeling but I hope when it eases the wonderful memories of the great times you shared with your brother Ron, will stay fresh and clear with you forever . Thinking of you and shedding tears for you all
Love Vicki

Zoe Willaims wrote:

Sympathy to the Drummond Family from the Entertainment Group of "oldies" at
the Forest Place Retirement Village, Durack, Brisbane and thanks for your
helpin the past.

Zoe Willaims

Michelle Vaughan wrote:

Dear Pat, my deepest sympathy to you and all the members of your family with the sad passing of Ron.I can't believe we'll never hear quite the same rendition of White Sports Coat again.My thoughts are with you all .Michelle Vaughan

Keith McKenry wrote:

To the Drummond family

Jenny and I were saddened to hear of Ron's death, and extend our condolences
to the family. Ron gave a huge amount of enjoyment to many people, over
many years, and he will be sorely missed.

Keith and Jenny McKenry

Leigh James wrote:

Dear Pat,
Elizabeth and Leigh here-we did not know your brother but we do feel your
loss at this time and wish you and your family our sincere wishes and
heartfelt love. You are a unique and special human being Pat and we can only
imagine your brother Ron to have possessed similar qualities. May this time
bring your family ever closer in love and appreciation for each other,
Blessings, now and always,
Elizabeth and Leigh

Leigh Newton wrote:

Dear Pat

sorry to hear of your brother's death. "Hard times are here again". Look after each other and treasure the world-chaning legacy he left behind.

Hang in there.

Kind Regards


(giving the music thing away and going back teaching - [somewhere remote NT or SA - yet to find out where] after all these years)

Mal McCallum wrote:

Pat and family, please accept our sincere love and condolences.
I have many happy memories of my times with Ron, brief as many of them were
compared to your own, and can only agree with you wholeheartedly with what a
wonderful bloke, friend and "human bean" he was - natural to the core,
giving, intelligent, creative, witty ( which was no easy thing with blokes
like you and me around...:>) and one of those people who is a touchstone for
others, sparking off ideas and thoughts for them to catch and carry on with
if they chose....
Vale Ronaldo, go well, you'll stay in our hearts.

Mal, Linley and family

Maree Kirkland-Morris wrote:

Dear Pat,

I have been out of the office for the past two weeks but Tim did tell me of
Rons passing.

I'm really sorry to hear this. I remember Ron as a very sweet, gentle man.

This must be a very difficult time for you....just wanted to let you know
that Tim and I are both thinking of you,


Martin Audet wrote:

G'day mate,
My e-mail address at home appears above. If you need to message me at work tomorrow, between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm, you can use maudet@dse.com.au.
My humble thanks go to you and the family for inviting me into "the fold" and enabling me to participate in Ron's last gig. It will be, as it has always been with Ron, an honour and a privilege.
His song was unfinished, the last verses never written, but the melody was the sweetest of them all.
On behalf of Christine, Lauren and Fleur, I'd like to offer my condolences to you and your family.
Kindest regards,

Merelyn Carter & David Carter wrote:

David and Merelyn just want to let you know we are thinking of you.

Gina Stephan wrote:

Dear Pat,

On Friday night, after you told me about Ron's death, I suggested a website
that I had found very cathartic when dealing with my own grief associated
with miscarriage. You asked me to send you the URL of the website -


I had an associated experience in my early twenties (cold sober, straight
and WIDE awake) which I couldn't ignore. The resultant research over the
years led me to totally review my philosophy of life.

The problem I have found over the years, is that even though I might learn
something intellectually, I have a tendency to forget it emotionally and
spiritually (caught up in the details of everyday life), until the lesson
hits me in the face again. This lesson On Being Human was in Grief - and how
it can hit you in what seems like multiple tsunami waves over the weeks and
months after major loss.

I spent days on this website, reading different people's stories and Kevin's
research findings.


If you get time, have a read and see what 'speaks to your heart'.

Hope it helps,


Glasheen's Mail wrote:

To The Drummonds
 Sorry to hear of your recent loss our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this time
Thanks again
Mark , Chris and the Kids

Graham Smith wrote:

It is with great regret that my wife Pam and I received your email about
Ron's passing.

We only knew Ron by association, through yourself Pat, and in particular
vivid memeories of him helping with, and acting out, your "Hector the Rat"
lyrics on a harbour cruise a few years ago. His umberella stabbing Hector
and holding him high is an image not to be forgotten!

But from what we've heard you say of him Pat, there was clearly a lot more to him that the
'slaying of Hector', and we sincerely sympathise with you and your family
over his premature departure from this world.

Please pass our condolences to his immediate family,


Graham and Pam Smith
Castle Hill.


Gregory J Keliher wrote:

Hi Pat
My sincere condolences on Ron's passing, I am sure he will be greatly missed by all who loved and knew him, the news came as a shock.
I have only been back to Sydney once in the last ten years after moving to Brisbane in 1993, but it was beautiful to be back there for a visit. Hopefully in a couple more years we might move back to NSW.
I would love to get down for a Christmas harbour Cruise one year, after this year maybe more chance, I will be doing an Instructors rating for Ultra-Light aircraft in January 2004 so that may just open up some opportunity for travel.
Once again I wish you all the very best and pas on to you and your family my deepest symapathy and thoughts after such a sad loss.
Kind regards
Gregory J Keliher

Hans van de Ven wrote:

Dear Pat,

just wanted to offer my condolences to you and your family on Ron's passing..

deepest sympathies,

Helen Kay wrote:

Hello Pat
I am sorry to hear about your Brother. It seems there is no end to those in
our Music Industry who are passing on at the moment. Please accept Gunter's
and My deepest sympathy and in saying that, please celebrate his life on
Tuesday. With music in his life and a great family as he seems to have, he
has been very blessed thus far.
Love and best wishes
Helen Kay & Gunter Rieger

Dear Pat,

Please accept my condolences. I am really sorry to hear of Ron's death. Lyn Childs told me yesterday and your email has confirmed your distressing news.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Dr. Jim Maher
Lecturer in Political Science
School of Social Science
University of New England
Armidale, NSW, 2351.

John Bunge & Cathy Miller wrote:

G'day Pat. So sorry to hear of your brother's passing. Although we
never met him, he certainly seems to have been an important part of your
life, musical and otherwise. Our thoughts are with you all at this

best regards, John & Cathy
1464 Cranbrook Place, VICTORIA BC V8P 1Z7 Canada
ph/fax: 250-370-7026
website: http://www.singingquilter.com

Judy Small wrote:

Pat, I'm so sorry to hear this news. I didn't know Ron personally but I
do know that family is very important to you and that he was a very
important part of your career.

I imagine the music will be sublime at Holy Innocents on Tuesday as you
sing his spirit home. Know that I am singing with you.

With warmest wishes

Judy Small
PO Box 5142
Frankston South VIC 3199

Website: www.judysmall.net

Ian Corlett wrote:

G'day again Pat!

Very sorry to learn about Ron. Take care and be kind to yourself.

Regards, Ian

Joan Douglas wrote:

Dear Pat
My most sincere condolences on the loss of your brother. I did not have
the pleasure to meet him but if he was in any way like yourself, I am
sure I would have admired him greatly.
Thinking of you at this sad time
Joan Douglas

ohn Wallis wrote:

Dear Pat

So sorry to hear of the passing of your brother,

Deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Regards John & Colin.

julie-len wrote:

I have just heard about the very sad passing of Ron and  wish to pass on my deepest sympathy to all of the Drummond family.
I hold wonderful memories of Ron's singing at various gigs with Pat.  In particular, the Mark Holden hit "White Sport Coat & a Red Carnation"!
Only the other day I was listening to one of  Pat's songs and thought how wonderful Ron's backing vocals sounded.  He will be greatly missed by us all.
Julie Ellston.

June wrote:

Dear Pat and the Drummond Family
So sorry to hear the news of the loss of your brother Ron!
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family in your sorrow!
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you all!

The Master has led your loved one
Through the shadowed night
Into the land of promise
And His eternal light
May He bring you comfort now
And free your heart from care,
Leaving only treasured memories
Of your loved one there.

Take care

June Underwood
Country Creative Image

<gjwjmb@ozemail.com.au> wrote:

Dear Pat and family,
We too were deeply saddened by this news.

I was walking though the park on the weekend with my wife Julie looking ahead to Christmas and thinking of the forthcoming traditional harbour cruise, and I was thinking aloud about Ron and how he was getting on, as we had not had an update about his health for a while.

He will forever be the Headmaster and the man donning the white sports coat at the Rest Hotel to me, as well as being a very friendly person at every other gig we attended, where I hoped he would be performing too.

Having watched the Drummond family perfom together in the past, I know what a tight closely knit bunch you all are and will support each other through this.

We look forward to seeing you soon and are our thoughts are with you

Take care and God bless
Greg & Julie Woodley


Dear Pat and family,
I just read the news items on the cmaa site and was very sad to read Ron had passed away, I hope you will accept my sincere sympathy on the passing of your brother. Pat please take comfort in knowing that lots of your friends will be thinking about you and I hope it helps you in some small way through this very sad time for you and yours.
Thinking of you

Andrew Introna wrote:

Hi Pat, thankyou once again for a wonderful show on Saturday night.
I was saddened to hear of the loss of Ron. He features larger than life in a couple of my memories that go back a long way. I think the date was September 11 1987 crammed into the front bar at the Rest Hotel when Ron stepped onto the tiny stage the roar of appreciation from the hundreds of people present was a physical barrage of cheering and applause. 
A couple of years later at a gig at the Collector Tavern during an intermission Ron took the time to have a chat with a couple of nerdy blokes (me and my mate). His genuine openness and willingness to share a yarn with us showed a depth of character not often seen these days.
During this difficult time my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
Andrew Introna


Hi Pat,

So sorry to hear the news about Ron. Please pass on our condolences to
Claire & Rebecca & the rest of the family.

We thought the treatment was going well so we're a bit shocked to hear the
news. We hope everyone is coping alright. We'll be thinking about you on

Pam & Tony

Brendon Walmsley wrote:

Dear Pat and family

Sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with
you at this sad time.

Best wishes
Brendon and Carmen Walmsley

Christine Gronlund wrote:

Dear Drummonds , especially Claire, Rebecca, Timothy, Jason, Amanda, &
Jarrod, Trevor, Danny, Pat, Geoff & Steve,
My heartfelt condolence to you all at the loss of your much loved Ron, He
truly will be greatly missed. Much Love Christine

CMAA wrote:

Dear Pat

We're thinking of you and your family.

Our deepest sympathy.


Kate Nugent
Country Music Association of Australia

Craig & Janine Byrne wrote:

Dear Pat and Family,

We are sorry to hear of your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you at
this time.



Craig & Janine Byrne

Craig Dawson wrote:

Dear Pat,

Very sorry to hear this news. Best wishes and thoughts
to yours and Ron's family.

Kind regards,
Craig Dawson and family.

Gary Humble & Annette Mylrea wrote:

Dear Pat,
You're in my thoughts. May your sadness pass soon and the memories remain
strong. All the best,

Dani & Mal wrote:

Hi Pat -
just fiddling around on the computer at home and thought I would drop you a line. Mal left the Sampler in the car and I've been listening to Bully Boys on the way home from work (really must burn that to CD soon before a cassette player eats it!). That song always makes me a bit teary, and work has been pretty exhausting lately, but I listened to Ron's beautiful voice behind yours and bawled all the way home.
It's been a month already. I hope you and all the Drummonds are holding up ok. I know you touched a lot of people at the Merry Muse the other week, and the standing ovation was deserved. I'm so sorry we missed you and Karen at the Eaglehawke on Sunday - it just completely slipped our minds. Seems life is getting in the way of the important stuff at the moment.
Take care, and we'll see you at the Harbour Cruise if not before.
Much love
Dani (and Mal, who's off drinking somewhere of course!)

Bob Howie wrote:

Hi Pat and Carol,
Unfortunately it is a while since I logged on to your website and it must be over 6 months Pat since I saw you briefly at Seagulls Club at Tweed.

I am shocked to read of Ronaldo's passing and pass my sincere condolences (albeit late in the piece) to you all.
As you know Ron was a fair part of my life as a Pat Drummond groupie for many years from the Rest, Dr Redbirds and countless other gigs, may he truly rest in piece and his memories live forever.

Pat, I share your questioning re conventional treatment for cancer and it's many forms in your nnewsletter - if you remember my wife Darlene succumbed to the disease nine and a half years ago now and I am not sure that anything in the medical profession has really changed all that much. Unfortunately the search for a cure for cancer is a multi-million dollar business - especially in the USA and it is more profitable for the drug companies not to find a cure.

Please add me to your email list for newsletters et al.

Best regards to yourself, Carol and family and to all Ron's family


Bob Howie

Alec & Naomi Pereboeff wrote:

Dear Pat and family, and particularly Bec,
  I have been out of touch for so long that I don't feel I have any claim to grieve for Ron, so please accept my deepest condolences for your loss of such a wonderful, giving, loving man.  I am sending you some pictures taken in December 1993, when Amanda was a baby, and was placed next to a portrait of Bec when she was a similar age.  Also, Ron with his two daughters on that same day.


It came as a real blow to read by chance that Ron was gone.  I had been meaning to contact his family for some time, but the longer I left it, the less connection I thought there was.  I don't even know if I was remembered, although I often thought about the Drummonds, and still do. 
  One memory of Ron that I have is of driving home after a long day with them, and Amanda, still being a baby was crying.  Ron started to sing, "Oh little Amanda, Amanda Jane".  Unfortunately Amanda was too tired by then for such things to work, and Claire knew so, but the voice was still comforting.
Once again, I pass on my regrets at your huge loss.
Naomi Pereboeff (aka "Naz" Cross)
Cooma, NSW.


Hope you remember me, muso (John Gray) a friend of Karen Lynne.

I have only just heard of Ron's sad passing. I know how devastated you must have been by this ordeal. I only wish I had heard earlier as I had the highest regard for Ron. You may not have been aware but Ron and I enjoyed many of the same things in life and while I lost touch with him over recent years we shared some great times. I have many fond memories of discussions (debates) with him on almost any issue. To this day I consider Ron to have possessed one of the greatest minds, a great intellect and razor sharp wit. Ron was a living paradox in my eyes. He could be so unassuming at times and then by some metamorphic process transform into a consummate performer with all the acting ability of the best actors around. Ronaldo mesmerized punters with his characters, not to mention his rich singing voice.

I learnt much about electronics among other things from Ron. He was a giver; he had the biggest of hearts. I still recall how the death of your mother affected him.


I looked up to Ron, I respected him greatly and learnt much from him. My only regret is that I lost touch with him and I am the poorer for that.


Pat, again please accept my sincere condolences and I am only sorry I did not know earlier so as to pay my tributes to a great great  man. I know that he will be sadly missed by many.




Gary Brown

Team Leader - ICLT Strategic Integration

Catholic Education Office

Diocese of Wollongong

Hi Pat,

I'm sorry to hear of Ron passing. Having spent some time with him on the Northern NSW trip some years ago, I appreciated Ron's sense of humour, out-of- left- field pieces of trivia and his gentle compassionate way. I remember him talking about his family life (before Clair) and saying to himself the "eyes and teeth" comment. I believe this is what got him through some very difficult times. His pride in his family, especially you and your talent, spoke volumes for the man. I regard him as a friend and a mentor.

The ongoing battle within one's self to determine the path to follow ( or as mum used to say "the good and bad inside of you").

I realise that it goes deeper than that, trying to find the real you or the stance that you should take for example. It's never just black and white, is it mate!

I haven't listened to the entire collection yet, but what I have heard is wonderful. I chose the White Knight verison first ( speaks volumes about me doesn't it :) ).

Balloons on Canowindra mate? Heard the likes of that somewhere haven't I?

When I first saw the CD covers, I immediately related to the basics of the theme.

Yes I think you're right, Ron would have loved it.

Best Wishes to you and your Family

John Jagus

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