The Local Rag

The Local Rag began in June 1989 as a way of keeping in contact with fans after the demise of Pat Drummond's long term residency at The Rest Hotel. It signalled the beginning of Pat's touring life. Most of the early editions were comic and offhand in style and featured a number of Pat's cartoons and line drawings. As the years progressed, however, they developed into a more considered style of travel journal and these (and the stories gathered on his ever more wideranging excursions) gave rise to Pat's 1990's newspaper reporter persona. Eventually the Shoestring 1991 album "Tales From The Local Rag" took it's name from the fictional paper and became the first in the 'Australian Stories' albums which brought Pat to national prominence over the next 15 years.

The first newsletters were prepared on an early Apple Macintosh Program called Macdraw with Pat's original 128k Apple Macintosh. Using the original machine (still in perfect order - see The Hoard) these have recently been saved as PICTs and ported to Photoshop where they were re-saved as .gifs and inserted in these .html pages.


July 1989 Page 1 & 2


Local Rag Vol 1 No 1 June 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No 2 July 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No3 August 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No4 Sept 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No5 Oct 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No6 Nov 1989

Local Rag Vol 1 No7 Dec 1989

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