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"Chris and Mark Glasheen" <>





Pat ,

Congratulations on your 4000th Gig Happy belated B' day too

Mark , Chris and Kids


4000 not out


"Megan" <>


"Pat Drummond" <>



Congratulations Pat, Here's to a lot more!!!


Looking over Colin's list (see below -Ed) of memorable nights a couple more came to mind that I was either at or heard about in great detail.


New Years Eve at the Racecourse Hotel Randwick (it wasn't my fault. Brooksy was pouring the drinks ....-Pat)

The recovery at the Bathurst B & S (It wasn't my fault. I didn't know the property owner's grandmother hadn't ever crowd- surfed before.... -Pat)

That evening in Glen Innes (It wasn't my fault, Allan Caswell told me he wouldn't drive off....-Pat)


Here's a poem written by AJ (Anthony Jack) for the occasion of your 15th anniversary show at The Great Northern Hotel, Chatswood that might remind you of some of these occasions. ......


The crew asked on this occasion

(With some monetary persuasion)

If I might put pen to paper

For a celebratory verse


It's not cause I've got class

They were covering their arse

Cause if I start the show tonight

It can't get any worse


It was fifteen years ago

That you had your first live show

And what number of tequilas

Must have passed your lips since then


You sang about poor Hector

And the cops radar detector

And it seems some of these characters

Have grown to be like friends


And you got the people singing

Loud until their ears were ringing

From the Rest Hotel at Milson's point

To Darwin's sunny shore


You played country, rock and folk

With a smattering of jokes

And the people must have liked it

Cause they all came back for more


You've had bad times and good

As an entertainer would

But there's been the odd occasion

Where you've got into a mess


And you lost it just a tad

And the farmer got quite mad

When the road crew bashed his wife up

at the Bathurst B&S


Though you never once protested

On the night we got arrested

It was clear the situation

Didn't have you lost for words


Through that monumental cock up

In the Kirribilli lock up

We wrote essays for the magistrate

And penned the song called 'Turds'


You'd had one too many Guinness

On that evening in Glen Innes

When you tried to ride the crew van

Like a chariot from Ben Hur


And you whipped your mighty steed

With your wooden rosary beads

Saying look I'm Charlton Heston

Which you clearly thought you were


But this evening cannot last

So I'll have to finish fast

There's a lot more I can tell you

But I won't go on with that


And you didn't leave your homes

Just to listen to my poems

So put your hands together

And let's hear some songs from Pat



And I also remember the race we did the first weekend I worked for you without Mal there, from The Newport Arms to the Sans Souci Hotel.


Anyway all the best

We'll see you soon

Rod and Megan Moon


Re: Pat Drummond's Local Rag April


"John Elliott" <>




Have been meaning to call and let you know how much I have enjoyed listening to your latest cd (you gave me a copy at The Country Music Launch at Homebush late last year). I love listening to songs where the lyrics are important and the song writer is fair dinkum. Good to see that your collection of songs qualifies as a "bullshit free zone", a pretty rare occurence these days. Thanks for the songs.



John Elliott.


Re: Pat Drummond's Local Rag April


"DCS Media Services" <>



Dear Pat,


Congratulations on the 4000 th and a belated birthday wish. Recently your brother, Geoff and I, not to mention my listeners , had a great time dissecting your career and your music on Air.

It,s disappointing that you won't be able to make the Victor Harbour Folk Festival this year as I was looking forward to catching up with you.

Keep the faith Pat, this country needs more like you that can so brilliantly illustrate the lives of the ordinary and the extraordinary people, in the words of a song. The Road to Damascus is just such an example.


You have often said that you receive little support from the media, be that as it may, but you have the support of my self and all of us here at 5EFM. South Australia

Best wishes from all the crew to you and your family.


(Thanks Don, both for the thought and the years of support- Pat)


Don Shaw

Encounter Country

Encounter FM Community Broadcasters Association Inc.

18 Seaview Road

Victor Harbor

South Australia.


4000 not out


Colin Warren <>


"''" <>




Congratulations on making 4000 not out As one who has shared a couple of those years about the place, I am pleased that you are still going strong.

Some reminders....

The Freshwater Surf Club Riot

Holding the bar record at both "The Glider Room" in the DY Hotel AND at Alan Rieds "Caringbah Hotel"

Both Last Nights at The Rest Hotel

The Manly Hotel Gig, where the band and crew out-numbered the crowd. ( What a debacle....It was Wed, 27 Apr 1983- Ed.)

The Pennant Hills Pub residency (where we decked out the pub as my lounge room and the crowd brought slides of their families to project onto the walls - Ed. )

Steve's last gig

Supporting Cold Chisel at the "Seals" Club

The rush to get from The Rest to the late gig at the "Sydney Cove Tavern"

The rush to get from The Rest to the late gig at the "Caringbah Inn"

The night the rat got glued to the umbrella


Herbie ... THE drum machine (R.I.P - Ed. )

Paul's duffle coat

And just think, you still have things to look forward to...

"The meteoritic rise to stardom, and the long slow crawl into the RSL clubs " Did I say that?


Best Wishes for many more gigs


Colin Warren (EX CREW)


Do we really have a winter in Australia?







Hi Pat & family,


Well, it's probably a bit presumptuous of me to say "& family", since I only know you from the half a dozen or so shows that I have seen. However, there are only 18 million or so of us so I figure we're all a bit like close neighbors anyway.

The last time I saw you was about a month or so ago (my brother always drags me out to see you - and I'm never disappointed) and it was like "coming home" to me. It was so refreshing to listen to your songs again and to sit back and be reminded of how lucky I am.

A cold beer and some warm wisdom. It's keep me honest, Pat.

What strikes me about you is your ability to stir the fire in my belly. I was born of a orphaned immigrant and was blessed with some brains. I was drawn to the heady world of commodities trading when I was in my late teens and, just like a fifty cent sparkler, my career died down to a dull glow by the age of about 24. I met many people and much money, more than a person should decently see. But I made a conscious decision to leave that world....well, one brought about by a "corporate restructure" But it gave me the excuse I was deeply looking for to escape back to the real world where one goes to work, produces something meaningful, then goes home to be with his family.

I wanted to make a contribution; and I didn't feel I was about to do that by standing in a trading pit, pissing some poor bugger's retirement money up a wall. It was around that time that my father died. And I feel deep down that his spirit led me to make that move.

Almost ten years later, with the help of my brain and a lot of hard work, I am starting to find the gratification that I yearned for back then. I am now a production manager with a burgeoning food processing company and each day I am part of providing work and a decent living to those people whom I use do rob some ten years ago. Call it my penance or my fate, I don't know....but I feel more Australian, and more human than I have ever felt.

Your songs "Desperation in the Promised Land" and "Flicker of an Eye" move me to make a difference. It scares me that we are quickly moving to a 90's version of the Menzies era. It scares me even more that our government appears to care less and less about our children and our sick and elderly. It scares me that we are wanting to forget (through legislation, and the constitutional preamble) that we are living in another peoples' land.

I'm not wanting to make a political statement but somehow talking with you always seems to challenge my view of the world. Thank you for keeping the fire in my belly burning and reminding me how lucky we are. (trust me, I remind others as well...)


Warmest Regards,



Pyrmont NSW

Subject: song

From: Michael Fix <>



G'day Pat,


Just wanted to tell you what a magnificent piece of work "Someone Elses Slides" is. I first heard you perform it that day at Mt K hotel - thought it was great then..... love it on the album. poetry!!


regards, Michael Fix & Sue Jarvis


Subject: Message from Leanne

From: Gregor Macfarlane <>

To: "''" <>


Dear Pat,


This is a letter I have been meaning to write to you for ages but I have never sat down and actually written it. Every time I hear your song 'The Blessing' I think to myself how true it is and how brave you were to write it. Not many people would even think to or be brave enough to write about this topic. I admire you greatly for many of your songs but this is my favourite. I teach children who have severe and multiple disabilities and the thing I get most sick of being told is "Oh you must be so patient. Don't you feel sorry for them? Isn't it too sad to be with them every day?"

My answer quite obviously is "I'm not patient and no I don't feel sorry for them, I growl just as much as any other teacher, they are just regular kids with a difference". As you make so clear in your song, these kids are as much a part of our society as everyone else, they have individual personalities and feelings. Sometimes they need more care than others but they have taught me so much in the three years I have been working with them. Their major problem is overcoming the attitudes of the rest of society. These attitudes are definitely to the detriment of the rest of the population as well because they are missing out on a lot by not knowing these kids. The inner strength and perseverence that some of these guys have far outweighs that of most people I know. You often talk about the real Aussie battlers, that's what I consider these children to be. They make the most out of their quite often too short lives and bring so much joy and love to those who know them.

We take our kids to a lot of performances and it is quite amazing the different receptions that we get from both theperformers and the other audience members. I remember at one dance performance there was a lot of noise from our area in the audience - they were all happy noises (for those who knew). I could just imagine the dancers thinking "Oh my goodness what are they doing here they're not even watching the dance". I made a point of telling them how much all the children enjoyed the dance and that all the noise they heard was due to the enjoyment that the children were getting from their performance.

I am writing this e-mail from Scotland where we are visiting for three months (I have term 2 off , leave without pay). I have just found out that one of the children in my class at home in Tassie has died at the young age of 12. Monica was just one of those little battlers whose body just gave up on her after only 12 years. Her ability to talk with her eyes and bring a little joy into the lives of everyone who met her will never be forgotten. You are right every one of these kids has a place in the 'master plan', sometimes it is not always obvious to those who do not know them.

Well I have finally sent you the e-mail that I have been meaning to send for a long time,


Best Wishes from

Leanne Macfarlane


Subject: Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

From: "Jessica Forde" <>

To: "Pat Drummond" <>


Dear Pat,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

I suppose now would be a good time to introduce myself. I'm Jess, I'm 14 and I live in Young! Plus I love your music. It's so great!

My parents have always been in to social commentry/folk / country music. So from a young age I've been introduced to many artists like Enda Kenny, Shane Howard and Goanna, The Bushwackers, Graeme Connors, etc and, of course, YOU!!! But back then I could not fully appreciate such great artists, bands and music.

I think it was last year (it seems longer than that!) I went to Graeme Connors concert. It changed my life! Since I've dug out some of Mum and Dads CDs and some of those were yours.

Pat, your music to me is indescribable. It is very special to me. I really love the CDs I've so far got. I haven't managed to get all of them yet, but I'm well on my way!

I've met a great friend on the internet. I find it very hard to find people that have good taste in music and that are around my age, but I've found what seems to be your biggest fan.

Well... we've both agreed we can be, both yours and Graeme Connors number one fans!! She has gone to Tamworth quite a few times and says you are even better in concert.

Mum and Dad say they love your editorial on your website. You have a wonderful website. It is one of the best!

Lots of Love


Jessica Forde

Subject: HI there from Antarctica

From: Scott Harris <>



HI Pat.

Just a quick hi from Antarctica, yes thats right..... Antarctica.

My name is Scott Harris. I thought I'd drop you a line just to let you know that your Music has been getting a good work out down here at Mawson Station Antarctica. Its great to listen to all your songs and imagine the sun across Wismans Ferry, while I look outside and see nothing but white, white and more white.

I'm a bit of a would be if I could be Aucostic Muso, so I'm a bit envious of your music. I think its great.

A few of my Mates are going to see your show at Wisemans Ferry this weekend.They sent me an invitation but I think the travel cost, could be a bit expensive as I have to be back at work on Monday down here.

Well... Keep that music coming and I hope you have some new stuff out by the time I get home In April 99 ( I've been here since November 97)

Take care my friend. I hope it's warmer up there then down here ( -28 Deg)


PS that song writing info of yours on the site is great, Thanks.


Scott Harris

Search and Rescue Co-ordinator

Mawson Station


Subject: The cotton and the Rose

From: Ron Cameron <>



Hi Pat


I'm in Canada and regularly listen to Cool Country from Sydney on the internet. I heard them playing a song and emailed to ask for the name of the song and the name of the artist. I was told Pat Drummond singing 'The Cotton & the Rose". (now with soundfile)

It's the only song of yours I've heard so far and I really liked it. I've been a fan of country music since I was a kid (I'm 57 now) and I'm very glad to find that there's a whole offshoot (Aussie) that I'd never even hear of before I found 'CoolCountry' on the web. I foresee a whole new audience opening up for you artists from Downunder now that we North

Americans can hear (about) you on the net. I only wish they (CoolCountry) played more Aussie music and less North American. It's like I've been eating apple pie all my life and have just now discovered cherry pie. What a refreshing change. Dont get me wrong, I still like apple pie, but at the present, I'm more interested in the cherry.

Keep up the good work and ''''keep it Australian''''.


Ron Cameron

Subject: Pat's home page

From: "Timothy James" <>

To: <>


Dear Pat,


Your home page is great - well done. Please do not let it go by the wayside as many others do and not get continually updated.

It is ironic I found this new home page this week, because for the past week or so I have had your "Age of Rage" live CD continuosly playing in my car's stereo. I can relate so well to those songs about my early schooldays. That night must have been something special - the atmosphere of the crowd, the place and the sentiment of the occasion really shows through on the CD.

I've seen you twice before live at Tamworth Jan 95 and a few years earlier n Melbourne at our Arts Centre . You were performing along with James Blundell and a number of others. We got a real buzz out of that evening.

All the best and continue the good work in keeping the culture and heritage of the 'real Australia' alive for all those who care.


Tim James


Subject: Re: Righto!!!!

From: Craig Dawson <>






THE NEW CD (Through The Cracks) IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're very game to write a song like 'The Road To Damascus' I thought. You have a lot of guts.


All the best to you and your family.


Craig Dawson

Subject: What a Legend !!!!!!

From: "Lisa Shipton" <>



Hi there Pat,

While I am surfing on here I have my Local Rag CD on. Blaring so I can't hear the phone ring or anyone knock at the door.

The main thing I wanted to say was that I really enjoy hearing your music. Majority of it puts me in a great mood while the other makes me very pensive considering the lyrics that you have used and making me consider the people that you have written them about. As you say in "Flicker of an Eye" we do tend to take everything for granted and if more people realised this the world would be a much better place to live in.


Lisa Shipton


A major Fan !!!!!!!!

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