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From: Pat Drummond <>
Subject: Re: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website
<> <>

<> wrote:

Hello my name is Jayson Head, I have been a fan for a long time, many weekends were spend at the 'Time and Tide' and other locations enjoying your music.

I have some of your albums but my most prized one is What You See is What You Get, ( A 1979 arity!!-Ed.) but my record player has finally give up and my wife won't let me replace it just to play pat drummond records, Can I buy this album on CD from you.

Best regards J



Hi Jason

Sorry about the record player. You might point out to your Good Lady that Nick Weare from Screen Sound Australia (The National Archives) on seeing my own collection of 2,500 LPs recently, told me that he has had to install an LP lathe in Canberra to transfer all the significant Australian CDs back onto vinyl since they discovered that the average life of a CD even in the National Humidivaults is less than 15 years before serious data corruption sets in.

In response to threats of a class action suit in Japan, Sony has now given everyone permission to back up their CDs. They call this 'fair use ' copying but it's really to extricate themselves from having to replace vast amounts of CD's because of 'shelf deterioration'. People who do not back up their CDs will now be claimed to have been negligent by the record companies when their CDs no longer work.

According to Nick, LPs on the other hand appear (at the current rate of deterioration in the archives) to have shelf life of over 300 years.

A new record player is perhaps in order.

If all this fails to convince your wife, I can offer you a custom burn of that LP with the addition of The Chippendale Song and The Lucky Country which were only ever released on single (1981)

Regretfully I can only guarantee the CD for 15 years (so make sure you back it up :)


All The Best


From: Wendy Johnson <>
Subject: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website
Pat Drummond <>

Hi ya Pat,
I saw your peformance at the Woy Woy WCA and totally loved it. Only trouble is, I have been singing the chorus of "Can you fit a Sao" all week!!!!!! I sang it to my guitar teacher who has also been singing the little bit she can remember all week. Is there any chance of getting the words and guitar music so she can learn the whole thing. She and her husband do a bit of entertaining at our church at Kurri as well as a couple of other places. But mostly, she just loves to learn new pieces.
My friend and I are going to the Entrance today to see you again. I think you are absolutely superb!!! Sorry about the gushy stuff, but you are!!!!
My email address is, if there is any way of getting the music, and you have a spare second or one of your groupies do, they might let me know how to get hold of it.
Many thanks for sharing your wanderful talent and yeah, by the way, how is the tooth?!!! I thought you were very brave shoving a triple stack of saos in your gob with a broken, painful, sore tooth!!!! I really felt for you as I have just been through that experience myself. (With out the saos of course!!!)
Thanks again and I'll be seing ya!!!!


From: Dad and Ryans car <>
Subject: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website
Pat Drummond <>

I am quite impressed about the words you said on your statement of Local Rag Editorial #8 and also #5.

I lived then in Oklahoma when this occurred and it was shocking in a peaceful state to have that happen as most Okies are very rurally minded.

I also heard ,which you did not state that Timothy Mcveigh used to be violent with the POW's in his control and abuse them. It was the article about Schapelle Corby and looking at the pictures of young men that will be executed for what ever reason, I am shocked about.

But your statement of the white christian people being hung out really caught my attention. Take it they should not have been doing this activity, I agree, but to execute young white christian people is more than I can  bear. 

I just want clemency for these people as I feel they were set up and maybe just made a bad mistake in their journey through life at the aspiration of the AFP. But why fodder these men on a mistake they did.

Keep up the good work Pat Drummond as you can quite articulate and explain things quite clearly and concisely to the point of it all.

Thanks neighbor.

Ronnie (Okie from Muskogee)

Thanks Ronnie,

Right Neighbourly of you to drop in. Good to have an Oklahoma perspective.

All The Best


From: john jagus <>
Subject: Thanks for a wonderfully entertaining night!
24 July 2005 10:07:55 AM
To: Pat Drummond <>

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to say thanks for a very enjoyable evening in Brisbane recently. 'The Chess Set Show' is an amazingly left field concept and if performed by anyone else would possibly miss the mark. Your sincerity and genuine passion for the material and events covered are very evident. Don't worry about what the audience may feel. There was ample notice given prior to the show through the press and the venue's newsletters of what the show would be like. (Very Political -Ed)

Pat, I could see that last night, you had doubts as to how the shows concept would come across. Your concerns should be laid to rest, as your passion is intoxicating and the audience were affected by it last night. Any positive or negative response will leave people thinking about it, long after the show is over. This can only be a good thing. Isn't that what you're trying to do anyway, provoke thought? All negative response is at least making people re-assess their own beliefs and thought process.

Your narrative about 'the Australian sense of comfort' being to only hear what reconfirms their own thoughts/beliefs is 'spot on the money'. I have found myself doing the same thing. A kind of "yeah, you're an idiot" and turn the radio off or swearing never to buy that paper again, mentality.

You have opened my eyes to the dangers of that negativity. (Now I'm not saying that I be able to change but at least I'm aware I doing it!) :)


John Jagus

"If age is a state of mind, what state am I in?"

Thanks John

Although it's only one of 5 different shows I am now doing, it certainly seems to have captured some folks imagination. It has been booked for The National Folk Festival, The St Albans Folk Festival and The Blue Mountains Folk Festival so far this year. Full script is now on line.

All The Best


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