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Feedback On The Retro Rest Ho-Tel Show at Sydney Rugby Club December 2010


Subject: RE: Last Month's concert at Maquarie Music Club 2010

Hey Karen & Pat,

Thanks for another excellento performance last night and also for supporting
our love of music, song and poetry in our local area. Our music club made
some profit and I hope your trip down the mountain was also worthy of your
time and effort considering your busy schedules.

We love to see a good crowd squeeze into our little venue and you guys have
achieved that both times (last time was Oct 2008). General feedback from the
audience was excellent and very enjoyable.

Take care and if you are still around in a couple of years (I know Pat is
getting old) I hope we can arrange another 'unplugged' and intimate evening
of music from Pat Drummond & Karen Lynne at Macquarie Towns Music Club.

All The Crew at Macquarie Towns Music Club.


Subject: RE: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website


Dear Pat,

You probably don't remember me, I'm just not that special but I've been a fan of yours since 1990. Christ that seems like a long time ago but yesterday when I played Tales from the Local Rag I went back in time again.

My Mum (June Lucre) of Moruya, introduced me to your music after she and Dad heard Shoalhaven Man on the local radio. "With their haemorrhoids and ulcers...... Like cancer from Canberra", it really struck a chime.

Dad passed away but Mum is still going strong, selling paintings hand over fist and collecting ribbons and prize money in just about all the competitions she enters. We have two kids, Lucy born in 1986 and Joe in '89. Oh Pat, you took me back. Walkabout Jack came blaring through my speakers as I drove down the Clyde to visit mum and all of a sudden I was transported out of my shiny white VSUte and I was back in my old HQ sedan.

I could see the back seat, with little Joey sitting there strapped in his car seat and Lucy in her booster chair. His smooth skinny white legs stuck out of his short shorts to end at his colourful socks and high ankled lace up boots, dangleing in mid air. His stripey blue shirt with a collar made him look the real little man. I could see my smiling face reflected in my little professors thick gold framed glasses and hear him sing "Walk'bout Jack".

He couldn't quite manage all the syllables but Lucy filled in all the gaps with her sweet voice. The gap between her oversized front teeth made me smile as her mouth opened wide to let out the sound. I could see them and hear them as clear as if they were there and it was your wonderful music that took me back.

She still has her pale skin, darkened with a few freckles. Her beautiful red hair is now jet black and it looks like an axe mark when the regrowth peers through her central part. She's in love, engaged and living in Queensland. Joe is eighteen now and towers above us all. His skinny legs have grown strong and are covered with carpet. His eyes have improved so the handsome young man with the goatee doesn't need specs any more. His blonde locks are dark brown like mine and he still remembers Walk'bout Jack. It's Dream Theatre and AFI that are his favourites now but Walkabout Jack was his favourite song for years.

Thankyou for that beautiful memory, I didn't realise how evocative music was. I want to buy another of your albums, I Have Tales, Wheels and Wires and Laughter. I think The Chess Set might be my next purchase but I'll send you a cheque by snail mail. I think it sounds like my cuppa tea. I've checked your schedule and you're wise not to go to Goulburn in the winter, no one goes out in the cold unless absolutely necessary. Perhaps you could visit in the warmer months. We have a two music festivals in the warmer months that bring heaps of people to town. I'm sure we could slot you in somewhere. If you're interested contact my friend Beth at the Goulburn Tourist Information Centre. Thank you for your words and music that have touched my heart. When I look up at the stars I can hear..... And the stars! Oh God, such majesty would make the angels weep. When I hear the kangaroos tearing at the grass outside our bedroom window I think of your words.


All The Best


Michelle Thomas


18 June 2007 10:53 PM

To: M.Thomas Subject:

Re: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website

Well Michelle You obviously are every bit 'that special'

What a beautiful piece of writing. Your love for your family shines out of every line...every memory. You should feel very blessed. I know that I feel very privileged to have been, at some small level, the soundtrack to those years. It's all any songwriter could wish for.

God Bless


Subject: RE: Still available?

Hi Pat,

We had a great afternoon Sunday. I think you've got a few new fans. This morning - 6am - I was woken by "The Trolley Song" blaring from 5 year old Lachie's room. He tells me he was singing 18 Wheels all night! As I write this he's giving it another workout!!

Thanks again. See you next time you're at Jamberoo or anywhere else on the
south coast.



Its not often that I become a fan who speaks words to the subject of the fan-ism, but I recently gathered together all of the albums I have collected that bear your name and listened to them in one string.

I don't yet have them all, unfortunatly, but I do have the pleasure of owning "Of Wheels and Wires", "Laughter Like A Sheild", "Tales From The Local Rag", and most recently "The Chess Set". All of these have added to my view of the world, more specifically Australia, and I suppose, even more specifically, myself.

This far into the email I feel I may have hooked your attention enough to mention that this email is considerable in length without you closing the browser in bored disgust.

I read (again) the two manifesto from "Chess Set", and I find it interesting that you embody, through that album, the inner conflict that exists in me, and in the people around me. To clarify, I will be of voting age for the 2008 election. Here I stand with my delima of voting for a govt. who have provided us with a safe aristocricy for many years, or for the new party, with the even newer leader.

Whilst my problems are by no means solved, I thank you for your assitance, for after listening to many songs I see that Australia is not comprised of a government, and people, but people, some of who are in a government. Influenced by "Flicker Of An Eye", "Harkan's Taxi", "Jeffery", "The Battler", and "40 into 24", I've realised that this country is built on the goodness of the individuals.

"Their personal far more influentual." And also more enduring. I find enjoy thinking that it is because of your exemplary skill, knowledge, and purity, that the goodness of these people will be influentual and enduring to me for many, many years. Thank you.



Subject: A 'thank you' and offer .......

Hi Pat,

My name is Pam and my husband Daniel, is the Minister of the Uniting Church, Caves Beach. Caves Beach is just next to Swansea, on the
lower end of Lake Macqurie.

We were very blessed to be invited by friends to attend the St Albans Folk Festival over the Anzac Day weekend in April. It was a wonderful time, all round. Being a musician, I had a particularly great time and actually caught up with some old friends like Tahlia & Ingrid Racz and Graeme Black, who I have worked with on the Central Coast in the past.

We particularly enjoyed your performance Pat. You showed great presence and really know how to entertain. You had the audience eating out of your hand - very admirable. I apologise that it has taken us this long to actually contact you and to thank and congratulate you - but please know that we are still reminiscing about you - particularly loved the story about the fellow who collected the 'junk' and put it along the side of the road. A great message.

Pam Mistry.

Subject: Refugee
From: Julian Burnside QC <>
To: <>

Dear Pat

Thanks. What a great website you have!
I like the song. (Who Is That Refugee) Well done.

Very best wishes
Julian Burnside QC

"If you want to imagine the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever." - George Orwell: 1984

Hello Julian

An email from The Legend himself !!!!

I am very honoured, mate. Keep up the wonderful work. (Julian Burnside , for our overseas readers, is Australia's pre eminent Human Rights Lawyer and Activist and in my humble opinion a National Treasure.)


From: I&T Coogan <>
Subject: Re: Many Thanks


I was privileged to be at Jamberoo Pub this afternoon

It was an interesting experience. One that had many different emotions. The discussion regarding Bali and the impact of terrorist activity was excellent. You certainly had my emotions going from deep thought to total enjoyment at each different song. I can't thank you enough for a most enjoyable afternoon. Keep on writing your powerful songs.

By the way, this generation of kids is becoming known as the 'Click and go' generation. It may be food for thought. I was at an interesting seminar by a child psychologist speaking about the present generation only living for the present. We have gone from the 'baby boomers' of your song and now we are in the click and goes. '

Thank you again. It was a beautiful afternoon in many aspects.

Therese Coogan

Hi Therese

Many thanks for sharing your day with me.

I guess that Songwriting has always been the forum in which I work out my own confused emotions and responses to life. Often it's a very public process. The Bali thing, our current treatment of refugees and the current world drift to war upsets me a fair bit.

I suppose that in such stressed times this can be a bit of an impost on an audience, many of whom just stagger into the pub to recover from the weekend; but, well, I figure that they can always disagree and say so.. or find another venue where they are more comfortable.

I suppose it's an attitude which will bring me to grief one day but, well, at 50 I guess I'm too old to change.

All The Best


Barbara Blest wrote:

Dear Pat,

Any plans to bestow your talents on the small island? (Tassie is beautiful in the summer!) I have had a couple of your albums for a few years now, both bought on the strength of hearing "Laughter Like a Shield" on "Australia all Over". You are one of the few contemporary writer singers who really speaks Australian to Australians and, as a fugitive pom, I relish it.
Best wishes,


Paul Blest.

From: m_lipp <>
Subject: Re: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website
Pat Drummond <>

Dear Mr Drummond,
Hi.. Mike Ledger, I've had the pleasure of seeing you at a couple of festivals I've worked at; bought a few albums - so popular that I must have had to copy each one at least 30 times for mates (nah, only gagging)........
Basically, the reason I'm writting is -and correct me if I'm wrong- that if my memory serves me correctly for once, it is you who has a song about a bloke who picks up a girl hitching and is listening to her story....
If this is actually correct, do you reckon you can tell me what album it's on so I can get hold of it? cos it's not on the 3 albums I've got
And if you'll indulge me for 1 sec. I'll tell you why....
basically, and there really isn't any subtle way of saying it, but when I first heard it a few years back it's the only time I've ever told the missus to stop in the middle of a 'nookie' and ended up listening to the radio in tears instead.
Now this may not mean a lot, or it may even give you a chuckle. But please take it as a heart-felt tribute.

We're lucky to have people around today to record the stories of Australia (from the Bombala train line to SAOs) because without you guys there wouldn't be a record of life for tomorrow.

Cheers and salutations;

M. Ledger

I'm Gobsmacked Mick!!!!!

I hope the Missus punched you out...... or at least threatened to burn the radio...mine would have :):):) That story has made my year!!! I humbly take the as the tribute intended. (for gallantry's sake, I've altered the above name of course)

The track is called "The Road to Damascus" It's on "Through The Cracks" It's on the Album Info and sales page at the site Here is the link...

"Through The Cracks - Live at The Clarendon" 1998


All The Best


From: Jerry Starrat <>
Subject: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website
Pat Drummond <>


My name is Jerry Starratt. I met you many years ago when I was in Queensland, I think, doing a seminar for a group of Catholic school teachers and principals. We went to a liturgy at a nearby school, where you sang a song you had composed for the occasion. I remember being very moved by the song. We then went to a casino, I think it was, where we had a dinner, and after dinner you performed for us.

Early on in the performance, (as a special presentation) you began to play a lot of the 60's music: Beatles, Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, and others. You picked up those tired educators and got them singing and dancing into the morning hours. A memorable evening I've recalled from time to time back here in the US, where I live and work. This week I was looking for some music to play while I worked on my computer and I came across a CD of yours from 1995--Laughter Like a Shield. I found your music as moving as I had years ago.

So I just wanted to write and thank you for the gifts you have given to me and to many others through your music. You bring back a feeling for Australia and for many Australian friends I've made during about twenty visits since the early eighties. You brought Australia to a small office at Boston College this week and filled it completly with music and memories. Thanks for that.

I see, by your home page, that your productivity hasn't dwindled. Is the two volume set --The Chess Set-- available in the US? I should be in Sydney within the next year, so I can probably pick it up there. I'll ask around then to see if you're performing nearby. Perhaps I'll have the occasion to thank you in person.

Best wishes.
Jerry Starratt

From: Frankster <>
Subject: Remember me?

Pat Drummond <>

G'day Pat,

Well it was 18 years ago now since you first taught me how to play guitar.

Hi, it's Frank Iuston here, I don't know if you remember me or not as it was that long ago, but the year was 1982, bordering on 1983. I was in a school titled All Hallows Primary School at Five Dock in Sydney, and was in the third grade when you came by the school one day per week and taught all of us how to play guitar. I came across your website purely by chance! I remember also that for every one who remembered to bring along their guitars, you gave out a single which had "Chippendale Song" backed with "The Lucky Country" - I was one of those. (I still have that single to this day!)

I'd just thought I'd send a quick g'day! These days I'm in the radio broadcasting field, having been with one station for the last 12 years (yep, started when I was 15!) called 2RDJ-FM (88.1). After doing a saturday night party request show for 7 years I moved into full time audio production and along the way built my own home recording studio as well. So this is what I'm doing these days, my next career move would be to join a professional recording studio.

Anyway as I say, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I remember you and so I thought I'd say g'day and surprise you from someone who is an ex-student of yours.


I'm not sure I'd admit to this in public, Frank. It could damage your career enormously :) My Sons Matt and Peter were at The school at the time too and I was helping out (as parents do. )

Matt is now 32 and has his own computer animation firm ( ) and is still playing guitar (better than me, I might add and Peter is a pro drummer ( )touring for Pearl Drums, and Wendy Matthews after having spent years with Kasey Chambers and The Bushwackers.

Great to hear from you, mate.

All The Best


Paul & Michaela Fogarty wrote:


Short note to say that Paul and I are sitting by the fire down south with a glass of wine, floating on "Six Days In December". 

A thousand thanks to you and Karen for the magic. Keep it up!

Regards Michaela Fogarty

Hi Guys

As the years go by, I can't tell you how much the odd email like this means to Karen and I as artists.

On behalf of Karen as well, thanks so much for sharing your night with us.

BTW, watch out for those glasses of wine by the fire. (That's how Carol and I ended up with Josie) :)

All The Best


From: Joel Hannaway <>
Subject: A Sunday Evening Gig Doing Some Of Your Songs !

Pat Drummond <>


Last Sunday evening I played at the Commercial Hotel in Morpeth (Hunter Valley), and the crowd that stuck around (after the footy match) appeared to be listening not just to the songs I was playing, but to the words as well.

I decided to hit them with The Kelly Option, and they loved it. They asked "Who sang that ?" I told them it was yours and they said "Play more like that one !", so I did "Desperation," "Sympathy For The Devil" and "Robbie and Igraine" and they wanted to know who you were... and why they hadn't heard of you. I told them who you were, said you played in the area occasionally and they said they'd keep an eye out for you.

One guy who was sitting alone playing the pokies who I had believed wasn't paying any attention at all, suddenly piped up and said "The Sao Song !", so for the first time in 8 years of playing live, I did The Sao Song... and they all lost interest . I told then you got to number one or two on the Country Charts with that one, but I should have told them what the song was about ­ modern day life not being the family based ideal it used to be. They wanted stories / songs to make them think, rather than songs about Sao jamming and I think they got stuck on the chorus. I am confident a better introduction would have seen the song received with a little more enthusiasm.

Anyway, after a few standard pub rock songs, I slipped in "Flicker Of An Eye" and I had them hooked once more "Do that Ned Kelly Song again", so I did. I also threw in "The Toilet Paper Line Dance", "Let It Go" and "Hammer For The Band " (which is my favourite of all of your songs for some reason). Between doing requests for other songs (that I'd previously promised to sing) and some of yours I ran a half hour over. Eventually I insisted I could do no more encores and had to go home, and they said they'd definitely keep an eye out for me when I was playing there next, which is terrific.

I just thought you should know that's my second night when I've played some of your songs and the crowd couldn't get enough. The first was a while back when the crowd were in a similar (word listening) mood.



G'day Joel

There are self help groups for people who start playing my songs. It's a"clockwork Orange" aversive therapy course which I am told is very successful. It apparently stops you playing any Pat Drummond songs at all. My wife wants me to join one. Seriously though, thanks for playing a few. I do take it as a great compliment.

Pat wrote:

Dear Pat

You do not know me, but I received a phone call from a close friend of mine who is the subject of this song "Certainty Of Miracles". She played me the featured song over the phone after she recieved the CD, Six Days In December. I have to say that I was so impressed at how you portrayed her in this song. It so completely captures the essence of her. The music and vocals were majic as well. So I decided to look you up on the net and have listened to other samples of your songs. It blows me away that we are so blessed to have writers and muso's in our own country that can shine out amongst any foreign performer or writer.

My hubby and I will be looking out for your gigs and CD's

Regards and Best Wishes

Lea And Les Elder

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