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From: Margaret Walters <>
Subject: Contact from Pat Drummond's Website

Hi Pat

Thanks for your warm response to John's Yarri piece at St Albans. It's specially gratifying coming from another songwriter.

Now - some reciprocal feedback. I was very moved by your two songs in the church service. I've just got a new grandchild and rationally - what sort of future can she have? - So "love and irrational hope" is really the only way to go.

And your other song with the message - if you're happy with how you live, it doesn't matter how you die. sums up my approach to dire threats of terror etc. (Sorry - I've had too much on my mind and don't now remember the chorus.)

What recordings do you have of these? And I never got round to getting the Chess Set. And only heard it the once in a pre-occupied state at Almost Acoustic...

At least I've found the words of the Trust of Strangers which I'd like to learn.

Haven't time to explore your website further to find the other songs I'm after - rushing off to a meeting; and recording Yarri THIS WEEKEND!!


Very best wishes


Margaret Walters


On 11/04/2006, at 2:10 PM, Institute for Type Development wrote:

Hey Pat.

Ev here. saw you at the Stydney Town Hall for the refugees Benefit.
It was a great night. Will be seeing you, with Nola, @ Hurlstone Park rsl on

How are you all? Read your local rag which I just found. Nice to see
that Peter Hunt's name again.

Still bloody missed! What's Carol up to?

See ya soon,


Institute for Type Development
PO BOX 208 Lidcombe NSW 1825
Tel: 61 2 9749 1369
Fax: 61 2 9749 1359
Australia's Premier Myers-Briggs Specialists

Hi Ev!!!

Lovely to hear from you. How many years?

How are we?!??! We all stagger along as usual ( without much forward planning. )

I'm still in music (30 years without a real job in September.) We are planning a celebration. Carol is the director of her preschool at Lawson this year. We have been married 35 years in May.

Peter is married with 2, and a professional drummer since school.

Matt is separated with 3, and runs his own computer animation firm for film. (He worked on The Matrix , Red Planet and lots of ads where things fly, disappear or fall down and break a lot)

Meg has a daughter. We help a lot with her little one, Livinia (now 5) and she splits her time between teaching at her dance Academy, TM Dance, at Leura; singing with her inner city R&B band and working a couple of days a week at The Moontree gift shop. .

Josie our straggler is 11 going into high school next year and horse crazy. I am Poppy to all. So basically with a daughter 10, grandchildren 8, 7, 6, 5, 2, as well a semi resident 5 year old we have never stopped parenting.

In my generation....

My brother Ron passed away in Oct 2003.

My other brothers Danny



are all well.

Dad is still with us and , like me , a bit grumpy from time to time

As a way of covering all the forms I now write in, I now split my life between

a comedy show http://www.naked

a highly political one man theatre show

a romantic country duet show with Karen

our record company Shoestring

and my "Tales From The Local Rag" reporter show a small section of which I'll be doing at Canterbury

Young Glen must be a big boy these days. I hope you are well. Peter still lives in our hearts too.

All The Best




Hey Pat,

 caught your set on Saturday Night at the Blue Mountains festival (I first youse to catch you when you played at The Aussie Arms in Penrith)............Congratulations on a highly original piece of work. It must of been hard work as Harry Manx sounded like he was playing up a storm on the Main stage.

Unfortunately the friend I was with is not that political aware and a lot of your stuff went over her head. (I constantly wonder why so many Australian's just switch off when it comes to what is happening in their own country and the rest of the world !!!) I hope you sell a truck load of CD's at the National Folk festival and if you can get a few people to just question there own views of the world............."top stuff"  !!!
At the end of your set one of your questions to the crowd was about music and is it there to change the world is it just for fun and a party.............after seeing your set and then heading to the RSL to see Chris Wilson and his band tear the joint apart, I can only say it's both. What a great festival you local's have.
Keep on Battling Pat, best of luck mate.
Chris Kolkman

Dear Pat,

How can we ever say thanks for the wonderful party celebrating Mel's
birthday. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and have said how great you were,
but we already knew that. I have added a couple of photos for you, we got
heaps and they were great.

We will organise to get you some old ones which your brother is in from the
Rest Hotel days.

Thanks once again, you really made Mel's day.


Pam Kennison JP
Property Manager
Cranemore Realty

Hi Pat & Co,
loved the Woy Woy show last Sunday, really appreciated the opportunity to hear some of the Chess Set dialogue live mixed with the songs. I've only ever seen two shows at Woy Woy yourself last weekend and the late great Warren Zevon who played to a very small crowd at Woy Woy leagues in the early 90's, both shows were splendid.
anyway all the best to all ...

jack hopkins & co 

From: <> <>
Subject: RE: sorry

G'day, Pat,

I have just come back from presenting my science talk, which was well received. My
introduction to Temora through the White Rose Cafe, and the Marilyn Monroe
song sparked some merriment, but nothing compared with your sao song and
associated picture.

Then when it looked as if I might attempt to give the
whole lecture with three saos in my mouth, the audience were in stitches. I
got them in such a good mood that they even seemed to enjoy the science that
I was to present.

Perhaps it was in the notes of your chessman albums that I read that you were
once a Western Suburbs fan, but became highly disillusioned when Manly used
to pinch all their best players. Having spent my early years in Ashbury with
my extended family, I also followed Wests and experienced the same emotions
to your own. The system has been ruined by mercenaries who have absolutely no
geographical connection to the clubs they play for. On those very few
occasions when I now listen to a match, I (like so many other people) are
more interested in Manly (and Easts, etc) losing than any team in particular

Enough griping on my part.

Many thanks for sending me the pictures. Hopefully I'll see you in concert
again in the not too distant future


Lance Black


Hi Lance

Actually It was the 'Who Owns The Ball?" Song On Skooldaze

But it's always good to hear from another grumpy old man like me!!

All The Best


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