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From: "Grimmond, Richard W" <>

To: "''" <>
Subject: Don't die b4 Keith Richards

Listening to Richard Glover this other afternoon on Sydney ABC 702 radio he played 'if I die before Keith Richards' and I almost had to pull off the road as I cried laughing. Is this number on an album and if so maybe its under another name because I looked on the web site and couldn't see it?
Have you got the lyrics published anywhere at this point? We are on the mailing list and enjoy the Wiseman Inn when ever we can make it on a Sunday

Richard Grimmond
EDS Australia Pty Limited.

Hi Richard

'If I die before Keith Richards' is on Naked Poets 3 It's all at The Website http://www.naked

All The Best



Subject: Re: Keith 'bloody' Richards


Hi Pat,

         How are you, ya Irish Catholic prick !?  I mean that in a caring way having gone through school at Ashfield with Geoff and, being one myself. I understand you were in a class or two above us and was probably in my brother Bernards class.

         We did however meet and chat at length one night, last century(!), when you were gigging the Cock 'n Bull at Bondi Junction. Then, as now, I pass my regards on to Geoff.
         Pat, I'm wondering if you'd be so kind as to possibly help my out. I have a mate, Mark Baston, who is going down the mine real fast with terminal cancer and is not expected to survive the winter.

         Mark is an avid Rolling Stones fan and, as such, saw them last week at the Superdome. Additionally, through the persistance of his wife Anne and friends he had a 30 minute private audience before the gig with none other than Keith Richards ! Needless to say he is now on cloud nine, the best place to be for someone with his condition.

         This week I heard your brilliant song on Richards on ABC 702am. Immediately, knowing Marks self-deprecating and black sense of humour I figured he would love the supreme irony of  such a tune, given his encounter with Keith and their subsequent discussion on the perils of cancer. By all accounts Keith is a very funny, down to earth guy and, still lucid (!?).

          Therefore on Marks behalf Pat, can I seek your indulgence in obtaining a copy of, or information on purchasing, this song for him. According to Anne, this would be the cream on the cake of the highlight of his life.

          Finally, thanks for your consideration mate, best wishes in the future and congratulations on the unifying power of your work.
Yours sincerely,
Adrian Neylan (Irish Catholic prick)

Hi Mate

Talk about ghosts from my past,

The albums on Naked Poets 3 It's available at any ABC Shops & centres although they've been leaping off the shelves so check first . I think there's one in the Macquarie Centre near to you if you're in a hurry; but if you can wait a couple days I'm happy to send one out to him free giving the circumstances. Send me an Address.

All The Best

Pat Drummond (Irish/ French/ Scottish/ but mainly Australian Catholic prick)

From: Dean & Jeanette Wormald - Lindene Music <>
To: Pat Drummond <>
Subject: Re: Congratulations

Dean & Jeanette Wormald - Lindene Music wrote:

G'day Pat

Congratulations all round. I don't need to ring you anymore. I know exactly what you are doing simply by reading Cap News!
A CMAA board member, a Hands of Fame inductee, your songs being recorded by countless other artists, an award for Butt Seriously and meeting the big boys head on with your record company.
Congratulations - the industry needs more people like you.

Best wishes

Hi Jeanette.

It's been too long since we touched base. Yes, I suppose it has been an eventful year for us but it has been for you too. The new album and so on. I read your newsletters with interest but I seem to have so little free time to socialise these days. I will try to come and say hello if I get down to Mildura this year.

Love to Dean and the family


, Rob Spence wrote:

Hey Pat,
I just read you were inducted to the Country Music Roll of Renown with the obligatory concreted hands...congratulations mate.
Rob Spence.

Hi Rob

Yep, here are the piccys but I suspect there is a great deal of Truth in Jack Kellys expanation below



From: "Jack Kelly" <>
To: "Pat Drummond" <>
Subject: Congratulations

Congrats Mate,

Firstly on the Bush Laureates album of the year with the Naked Poets you're now an award wining producer ... who'da thunk it. I must say although I
thought "Butt Seriously" was great (and the major difference from the other albums was the fact that it was RED) I haven't been able to catch a Naked
Poets show ... something that will have to be remedied at the earlisest possible opportunity.

Also a big, and well deserved, congratulations to Karen Lynne on making the final 10 list for female country vocalist this year. Shouldn't be too long
until she's read out among the final nominations.

This "Hands of Renown" thing ... c'mon admit it ... you were crawling home from another late night gig and just happened to wander into the wet cement area didn't you ... mmmmmmmm??? I can just picture the morning after, officials standing around your prostrate form nodding their collective heads and muttering "Who is this ungainly person?" then someone recognised you as being a board member and they all probably just decided it was easier to pencil in your name rather than recast the cement. (That's gotta be right up there with professing to be the "Karate Kid" on Toowoon Bay Beach New Years
morning) what an interesting and profound last month or so you've had. Seriously for a second here, well done, keep on keepin' on. Will catch ya
round the traps.

All the best ...



From: Bob Kirchner <>
To: Pat Drummond <>
Subject: Congratulations!


Dear Pat

On behalf of the Australian Country Music Foundation, the City of Tamworth and Australian country music, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to be
inducted into the Country Music Hands of Fame this January.

The 2003 Hands of Fame Ceremony will be conducted at 9.15am, Saturday, January 25, at Hands of Fame Park, corner of Bridge Street and Kable Avenue,

During the ceremony you will be announced, our comperes will tell a little of your story as your hands are easily prepared for the imprinting. Hundreds
of fans will be present so be prepared for some autograph signing!

Purpose of the Hands of Fame is to recognise, and pay tribute to, those people who have made a name for themselves in Australian country music and
we are pleased to extend this recognition to you.

This year we are announcing the names of inductees at the Roll of Renown Concert on Saturday night, January 18. If you will be in town on the 18th
and could come along to the concert, you will be recognised there also. Just let me know if you can attend the concert and we will organise some
tickets for you.

If you have any queries on any aspect of the Hands of Fame, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please let us know if you if you are able to accept the invitation.

Kind regards
Bob Kirchner

Lindy mitchell wrote:

Dear Pat,   Feeling inspired this year to try something new so I am signing up for the adult education course "Free your natural voice and sing". The bloke running it says anyone can sing if they can only loose their inhibitions! I am going to test his theory but if I sing I would like to sing your songs. Do you have the music and words available for purchase?  I am so excited by the possibilities!!!! I hopefully will discover a voice of hither undiscovered ability, either that or my family will hate me and order boxes of ear-plugs. Can't wait to let rip with one of your classics....         Drown out the pokies,    Lindy.

Leon Lester wrote:


Dear Pat,

I would just like to commend you on your fantastic performance at Wiseman's Ferry. I watched with my girlfriend and we were both impressed by your political songs and your general comic approach to general affairs and being you. You have a seat at the family table any day at our house of "ratbags", as you so neatly identified yourself. Yes, believe or not, there are other ratbags out there frothing at the mouth whilst fighting for truth, justice and the American way or I should say the anti-American way. I just wish I could delivery the message myself to the good folk in as pleasant a way as yourself. Keep up the good work with the knowledge that you are the youngest looking 50 yr old on the face of the planet (although I was sitting a few rows back).

Yours sincerely

Leon Lester of Kurrajong Heights, NSW (Ratbag #521)


Rest Hotel Flashback

Let me share with you events from New Years Eve of 2002. Lake Munmorah Memorial Club was the venue, Pat Drummond the booked entertainment.

Firstly what an excellent show, the added bonus of Karen Lynne and banjo playing hubby Marty, were just the icing on the cake, (Pat NOW realizes he does know how to play Duelling Banjos).

It was my out-laws ummm in-laws first Pat Drummond gig, they couldn't stop talking about it for days (and I believe will be at the Wyong gig on the 10th) suffice to say a 71 yr old man recovering from a very recent prostate operation was dancing round the house bellowing out "If I Die Before Keith Richards I'll Be Pissed Off To The Max" followed by a giggled "Keep it down, the neighbours will think you're mad"

To the night in question. Pat, being Pat, got the mostly ahhh mature audience participating right from the outset. They were hand clapping, arm waving and table thumping like veterans by the third song, extremely vocal by the fifth. A little over an hour into the gig, walking sticks and aluminium frames were being cast aside as people, who hadn't been this active since applying for the first wave of Viagra tests, got into the spirit of not only New Year Eve but the added natural high of a Pat gig.

Then things went a little off the rails, management asked Pat to either "turn in down or pack it up" because the Poker Machine players had complained about the noise. (Personally I have a theory here, I don't think it was the noise at all. I think with all Pats' "arm waving" participation stuff happening, the Pokey Players couldn't "push" buttons on the machines with their hands in the air management could see a drop in "donations" from all this audience participation, social mixing, entertainment nonsense and were quick to put an end to declining profits.)

Well, Pat complied with a couple of quieter ballads, all the while stewing at being told how he was to perform (BIG mistake). On return from a break the volume slowly increased, as did the parts of the totally entertained audience. Auld Lang Signe was sung, not only in the traditionally "garbled" Aussie way but in a dozen different broad Scottish dialects as well (funny how meaningless gibberish sounds very similar whether sang in English, Scottish or even Swahili?) Then with everyone from 18 to 91 (yes there was someone there celebrating her 91st birthday) up on the dance floor "getting' down" to a banjo payed version of Auld Lang Signe thanks to Marty, Pat had what can only be described as a "Rest Hotel Flashback" As a graduate of the original "Rest Hotel Remedial School of Background Vocals" or more commonly known as "The Norman Taber-Knackered Choir" I was taken back 2 (cough-cough)0 odd years (and believe me they don't come any odder) Pat "thumped" through all 6 grades of "Background Vocal" classes, threw in a few golden oldies for good measure and for over a solid hour (not giving anyone the chance, even if they dared ask him to tone down again) had poor Karen wondering just what the hell she'd gotten herself into with this madman.

If ever Rove McManus needs a face for his "What The..." segment, Karen's look said it all.

Pat it was 25 yrs ago I first saw you play and I don't get to see ya all that often these days this is one I'm glad I didn't miss.

Be looking for ya over the next 25 yrs


all the best Gaz 


 Armidale NSW    

Geoff Mullins wrote:


Thanks to all concerned for a wonderful Christmas harbour cruise. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

It was a privilege to share such a family day. Many things to remember but you singing "Till I Kissed You" to Lavinia, Josie doing "Shark in the Bath", Dad Trevor dancing to "Old Time Country Show" and your wonderful harmonies with Steve will take some beating.

Also doing "School Bullies" which will always be a favourite and one that does not get done enough in my opinion.

I am looking forward to the new CD's (Any chance they will be ready by January 12th as I will be coming through Leura on that day headed for Dubbo?)

Take care,



gary davies wrote:

Pat and the rest of the crazy crew at Shoestring,

A big THANKS for yesterday's Rhythmboat Christmas Cruise. My friend Jan, a long time Drummond devotee, has been organising a Rythmboat group for some years and I've been part of that gang for the last three years. After that time I've begun to see it as part of my Christmas plans, the Rythmboat being the unofficial starter to my Christmas season - or as they would say on the old Thunderbirds show "Christmas is Go!"

As on previous cruises, it was not just your full-on performance that made it a great time, it was the rest of the Shoestring family and friends (on-and-offstage). Allan Caswell was a much appreciated new face to me. I'd like you to pass on these thanks to him for his gift with words - some moving, funny and really well crafted lyrics.
Whatever you do keep up the tradition of the preChristmas Harbour Cruises - they've become my tradition as well!

Take care and all the best for Christmas and the New Year,


Dear Pat

I have long been a fan (the Rest and maybe  20 or so obscure spots on the Central Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Sydney etc). I love your song "Living in the Territory", and we thought of it and played it as we drove into Nhulunbuy having come up through Arnhem land. We are currently staying with friends on Groote Eylandt who work with the aboriginal people in the two towns here, and often hear folk talk of 'mangrove jacks' and other stuff from your song.


Steve Pickering from Newcastle


Hi Steve,

I always wonder where my songs end up. I guess there are a lot of albums out there now.

Two more in 2003.

That year in Nhulunbuy with Greame was the most beautiful experiences of my life. The area to the south in the Gulf has some and most pristine waterways on earth.  I will get back one day.

I'm about to hit the road for The Gympie Muster and three weeks on the road to the Naked Poets in Southern Queensland.

It's nice to hear that you took that song back home. Enjoy the trip.  Perhaps I'll see you when you get back.

Bring some slides

all the best





Dear Pat

Loved the CD's especially the song called Working for the R.T.A. It's like that story 'The loaded Dog' in a way, but funnier.

And the Naked Poets ...what a crack up! I've never been to Tamworth for the country music week end but this year I think I might have to go and have a look.

It's funny you know I live 62km away and I never had a need to go up there.

How's your van! I hope what I did worked. I had a big week that week after I left you at Caroona. I got home had some tea and got called out again. I ended up getting home at 3:30am the next morring. I was late for work that day.



NRMA Roadside Service

p.s. and make it through... no break down's


Hi Chris


Mate you were exactly right !I got those main cables re-welded in Wagga a couple of days later so it's permanent now.

I don't kmow how you figured that out. You blokes are legends. That back road was pretty dark and cold and a long way from anywhere. I was very happy to see your yellow spinning lights.


Keep up the great work.




Mary Gow <mary.gow@CSO.BrokenBay.Catholic.EDU.AU>

Subject : Galston Festival

Thanks Pat

I really loved the Galston Festival it
was a great day very professionally organised and really great
entertainment. the bush poets were fabulous too. Thanks for your reply,

Mary Gow

Subject Galston CM Festival

Rhonda Astill <>

Dear Pat,

Looking forward to The Weekend.

I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for such a good day of country music last year.I know you had a few difficulties with wind, but we were lucky it did not rain...
I must say we were disappointed that you did not perform your very distinct brand of country/folk music.......we enjoy your stories and songs very much.
Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon.


Rhonda and Greg from Cessnock

P.S. Pat how many country music lovers did we end up with on the day, it's hard to estimate.?????????

G'day Rhonda.

There were around 16,000 people there in 2001 and we are hoping for even more this year. Not bad for a festival in only it's 5th year. As Entertainment Director I don't include myself much these days; given that I did perform in the early years and with the growing profile of the Festival (It is now Sydney's Biggest Country Music event) we are trying to ensure that we represent all the major styles and performers.

So I won't be performing 'up front 'again for a few years, butb you might spot me in the band or throwing in the odd harmony every now and then. Check out the new Website at


All The Best



debbie meeuwsen <>

Subject Thank You

This is the first time I have ever been prompted to reply to an editorial but I felt this time I just had too.. Your editorial on the death penalty was superb, and yes I admit to having held quite a few of the preconceived notions you addressed.. A newly enlightened convert.. thanks for taking the time to do your bit "for the greater good".

P.S. i started out tonight looking at country music pages.. and ended up here, ahh the education one gets without even trying


From: "Blue Mountains Energy Centre" <>
To: "Catherine Dignam" <>
Subject: Fw: Radio B92 - Interview with Chomsky

Re September 11th Anniversary.



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