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Feedback On The Retro Rest Ho-Tel Show at Sydney Rugby Club December 2010

Hi Pat & Carol,
I've just gotten home to Batemans Bay from the Retro Rest Hotel night and had to email my thanks to you.
On the 4 hour drive up to Sydney I was wondering what it would be like as time has a habit of putting a rosey tint on memories and I've discovered that sometimes when you re-visit your past the reality doesn't live up to the memories. I shouldn't have worried, time fell away like an old coat with the first song and it was just like being 21 at The Rest all over again. The only thing missing was my Sandman parked outside in case I was lucky enough to give some sweet young thing a lift home.
I caught up with some old friends, the faces were older but the people behind them were the same. Two songs I'd forgotten about completely were Carmel Knowledge and The Teddy Bear Song, but you started singing and the words came back effortlessly and I sang along, but I'm buggered if I can remember them now as I type this. How does that work?
I spent the night at my sisters before coming home and woke up several times through the night (why are the beds in the "guest room" always so uncomfortable?) and each time the chorus to The HSC Song was running through my head. I had an earworm even whilst sleeping.
Thanks again for so many great Friday nights, so many memories, and a chance to relive it all again.
Thanks to you too Carol for letting us "borrow" Pat on those Friday nights.
Warren Jack. 

On 20Dec 2010, at 10:48 AM, Kim Terakes wrote:
Thanks for thinking to call me about Saturday night. I had a great time and it bought back so many happy memories. There was so much joy in the room; it was a very unusual, but wonderful vibe.
You have bought so much happiness into so many people's lives, including mine. Yours must be a remarkably rewarding life.
Have a great Christmas with your family and I look forward to catching up next year. Maybe we can grab a quick lunch for no real reason one day when you're in town.
Best regards,
PS I think the crowd surfing may have been better suited to thirty years and some kilos ago? (You not Carol)

Hi Kim 

It was wonderful to have you there too Kim. Yes, you are right . It was strangely joyous and a bit tearfully nostalgic, unusual, but wonderful vibe. 

I wish the drum machine hadn't packed up but the chaos is exactly what it was all about back then. Nothing was ever predictable and I suppose that was part of the charm. It was huge group of people who were more like an extended family more than anything else , and that is what shone out at me most of all last Saturday.  (you're right about the crowd surfing though:):):):)

BTW. My daughter Meghan now manages the new iKou Shop on Oxford St (It's just round the corner at end of your street.) So I'm sure I'll be in the area a bit more in the near future and we will catch up.

My Best to you and yours for the Festive Season.


Good afternoon.

Dean and I say thank you and congratulations on revisiting the 1980s so successfully. A good time was had by all.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
See you in action next year....
Ian Russell


G'day Pat & Carol,
Last night I was 30 years younger and (mentally at least ) hurtling across the harbour bridge in my Datsun 120Y for another night at the Rest hotel. Would it be as good as I remembered ??
It must have been because I woke up this morning with "Its just another weekend " and many other old favourites running over and over in my head.
This year I have been to a school reunion, an old work reunion and revisited old haunts in London. Last night was another great "blast from the past" and a terrific way to finish of a year of old memories.
Thanks for a truly great night and all the best to you and your family for a wonderful christmas.
Nareida Mitchell 

Hi Pat:
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the Gig you & Steve did last Saturday.
A very memorable night & good to see a lot of your family there.
Glad Astro boy made a return.
All the best for Xmas & the new year.


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